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    10 Organisation tips every #GirlBoss needs:

    10 Organisation tips every GirlBoss needs:

    It ain’t easy keeping your ducks in a row when there’s 20 thousand things you need to remember, bills to pay and people to please. Whilst it’s impossible to handle everything, here’s my top tips for handling sh*t like the GirlBoss you are!

    Diaries, planners & Notebooks!

    If you’ve read anything I’ve written on this topic, you’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of my Passion Planner (I’ve written a blog about my love affair, here). Essentially, your own brain is pretty unreliable. It can’t remember everything – so don’t ask it to!

    Get a trusty diary with plenty of space for notes and be sure to write down everything you need to do, every deadline and every meeting.

    Utilise your Tech

    Got a smartphone? Chances are, you have. There are so many inbuilt tools in our tech that we don’t even take advantage of. The Notes app in your iPhone? You can colour coordinate, highlight, bullet point and tick-list – create tasks and lists on your phone to be transferred into your diary later. There’s no excuse for missing anything… sorry guys!

    Batch Tasking

    This is one of my favourite things and I preach about it to anyone who says ‘I just can’t get in the zone to write content’. Only do tasks in a row that use a similar area of your brain.

    Scheduling your Insta? Follow it by writing some blog posts or Facebook and LinkedIn updates, whilst you’re in a creative mood.

    Got receipts to file? Follow it by sending invoices and sorting your accounts. You’ve been mathsy and technical already – stick with it.

    Schedule Blocking

    I bet you’ve seen plenty of Facebook ads about this one! Schedule blocking is a cult organisational tip that’s touted by millionaires and entrepreneurs alike.

    It’s essentially the practise of using an hour-by-hour diary and segmenting your day into tasks. By allotting periods of time to particular tasks, you get more done and adhere to timescales imposed by your truly! Seriously – this one WORKS.

    Routine, Routine, Routines!

    Monotonous it may be – productive it shall make thee. If you get up at the same time every day, have breakfast sorted, do your fave exercise or morning activity, read a little bit or watch a motivational video, you’ll find that the rest of your day runs like clockwork too. Getting into routines is natural, our bodies run on them. If you want to optimise your mind, body and soul, feed it with processes.

    Clean and tidy Workspaces

    Another one that might make you yawn, but will pay back in dividends. A clean and tidy working environment directly translates to a clean and tidy mind. If you look up and your desk is a mess, there’s also the temptation to clean it rather than getting on with what you’re supposed to be doing – taking over the world!

    Labelling/folderising Emails

    Depending whether you’re using Outlook or Gmail, the process of organising your emails is slightly different. If you can use folders, use them. Gmail works on colour coded ‘labels’, which is essentially the same practise. When you’ve dealt with an email, code or file it. This way, the stuff in your actual Inbox is stuff you know you need to deal with.

    Turn Off!

    It seems counter-productive, but turning off can help you to tune in. I, personally, have no notifications turned on in my phone. If I want to read messages or check emails, I have to actively put time aside to do so. During the day, I get so much more done because I’m not distracted by social media, incoming emails or messages from friends. It’s a hard detox to handle at first, perhaps start by putting your phone away for the first few hours of everyday. Over time, you’ll notice a big increase in your focus.

    Schedule your Life

    Whatever you can possible schedule in your life… do it! Whether that’s writing emails for the next few days to update clients, pre-planning your social media or storing your online grocery shop for the following week. Putting things into the ‘later’ bucket doesn’t make them go away – but scheduling does!


    If there are tasks in your task list that you keep putting off, or don’t feel confident doing – just don’t. For almost anything in your life or business, there’s someone who can do it for you! Accounting, writing, social media, gardening, cleaning are all tasks that you don’t have to do if you don’t want to.

    Ok, so 10 tips is a lot (sorry, I ramble). But how about implementing one a week from the start of 2019?

    Let me know your favourites and how you get on. I’ll see you on the #GirBoss ladder ladies!