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    2021’s Post Lockdown Wedding Trends

    2021's Post Lockdown Wedding Trends

    Full-scale weddings are back!

    After a year away from doing what I love, it’s been such a delight to hear those beautiful speeches, see the amazing dresses and enjoy delicious food from the caterers!

    It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. Getting to grips with new government guidelines was a challenge. Watching the football celebrations while being told not to sing or dance was outrageous…

    Through the hardships has been huge amounts of joy – some of which I want to share with you now as I’ve noted some hot new trends for Weddings in 2021. You can also check out my previous predictions for this seasons’ weddings, here.


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    Kirsty Mackenzie Photography


    The Bridesmaid speech

    With more time to plan and prepare, I have been delighted to see a few bridesmaids taking on the challenge of doing a speech.

    From sweet and sincere to totally hilarious – the girls have totally wowed the couple and guests. Some great research had clearly gone into one of the speeches.

    One friend had delved into the depths of WhatsApp conversations and found the bride’s initial musings on the first few dates. She had everyone gushing over those initial romantic thoughts and hopes, then crying with laughter as she read out the bride’s early concern over the first kiss… or lack of! It also gave this bridesmaid the chance to celebrate her wonderful friend – something that us women need to do more often.


    bridesmaids flowers at wedding


    Childfree weddings… or babysitters on standby

    As many people haven’t had a night out in over a year, it has been great to see people embracing time away from their little ones.

    After months of homeschooling, endless walks and hours of lego, it has definitely been deserved.

    I have loved watching couples romantically dancing together, relaxing around the firepit or having a game of croquet without interruptions.

    For some, it has been the first time away, sometimes – ever and definitely for as long as the kids can remember! I’ve noticed many parents opting to have them there for the day and then collected by a helpful grandparent in the evening. it seems to have stopped either parents or kids missing out on too much (or missing the other!)

    If grandparents aren’t an option, hire a chill out tent for the kids with a popup movie screen and beds. This worked brilliantly at one of my June weddings. In The Wild provided the dreamiest space for sleepy children.


    Earlier finish

    We have all got used to evenings on the sofa and early nights.

    Stamina for an all nighter or even a late nighter has definitely waned. A wedding that might have previously finished at 1am is now easing off at 11:30 pm.

    As the Event Manager who tidies up at the end of the night, this has been amazing for me. I was dreading crawling into bed in the early hours.

    Take note – it’s better to have a full dance floor with happy people at a decent time, than the remaining few very drunk, tired souls slightly later. I have loved watching weddings end on a massive high. Guests all belting out Mr Brightside while surrounding the couple has been my favourite so far.



    Relaxed vibes

    Another impact of wearing slippers for the last year has been couples and their guests embracing a comfy shoe… from trainers to wellies, flip flops to doc martens.

    Aesthetics have still been important but the desire to have a good time has definitely outweighed the need for high heels or The Oxford shoe.

    Another relaxation has been the need for formalities. Many couples are ditching the traditional cutting of the cake and just allowing guests to get stuck in and enjoy it.

    The idea that feet are for dancing and cake is for eating is music to my ears.



    Live music

    With clubs, festivals and theatres closed, our desire for live music has never been stronger.

    Many guests have said that the most emotional part of the day was hearing musicians for the first time in too long. Beautiful Gospel singers wowed during an intimate church ceremony. An acoustic guitarist who was supposed to be background music, instead had a captivated audience.

    Bands have called the most reluctant to the illegal dancefloors like sorcerers using magic. Boris said that dancing should be avoided, but when the music starts, no one has the power to resist.

    I am excited to see what the rest of the wedding season has in store, but so far, this has been the best yet!


    Photography by https://kirstymackenziephotography.co.uk