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    4 Ultimate Spring Fragrances for 2021

    4 Ultimate Spring Fragrances for 2021

    I don’t know about you but I don’t feel fully dressed until I have put on my perfume.

    I worked with Diane von Furstenberg once and she said that for her, perfume was the full stop at the end of the sentence, the last thing you do when you are getting ready to complete your outfit and I wholeheartedly agree!

    I wore fragrance all through lockdown. There is something about it that can transport you to different spaces and places.

    It has the power to comfort and reassure. It can raise your mood or remind you of times gone by. I know many women (and men!) who wear it to almost become someone or something else for a moment – it gives them the confidence to step into a role before a performance or a big presentation.

    During the last 12 months or so when we were confined to our homes, fragrance was a way of travelling beyond the imposed boundaries, allowing us to dream of life after covid.

    Spring Fragrances

    And here we are, on the edge of freedom, ready to experience new sights and smells and (gasp) socialise outside our homely familiar bubbles. So maybe a new fragrance is in order to go with that new outfit?

    Be inspired this spring, there are lots of new fragrances to try – I have rounded up a few of my favourites below – with your chance to win my fave!


    Escentric Molecules M+ Mandarin

    For those of you who are familiar with this British brand, it needs no introduction.

    Created by perfumer Geza Schoen, it launched in 2016 with the now iconic Molecule 01 fragrance, which is a one-note wonder, featuring the aroma chemical Iso E Super.

    Noted for playing hide and seek with the wearer, the fragrance is known to provoke incredible reactions from others as it stimulates the pheromone receptors in our nose. This spring sees the launch of 3 new fragrances, each with the iconic molecule 01 at their heart, but with one other ingredient added…enter Molecule + Mandarin, Iris or Patchouli.

    My spring favourite is M+ Mandarin, your new fragrance map out of lockdown. This fragrance is a shot of pure zing with an incredible dry down that will see you through summer and beyond. The initial hit is like peeling a mandarin; a soft citrus zest that dries down to the elevated simplicity of Molecule 01, chic and understated, like the perfect capsule wardrobe. Click here to get your hands on a bottle!

    Escentric.com – £95 for 100ml


    BDK – Sel d’Argent

    Hoping for an escape to the Riviera this summer? Look no further les amis, this is the fragrance for you.

    BDK is a luxury niche fragrance house from the Palais Royal district of Paris created by David Benedek, producing the most delectable fragrances inspired by people and ingredients and this one is a summer must-have.

    Encased in a beautiful blue glass bottle, it contains top notes of Italian bergamot and grapefruit laced with a delicious salted accord. Undertones of ylang-ylang, white musk and sea air will have you dreaming of sparkling seas and long siestas under the trees, listening out for the reassuring tinkle of ice cubes in a glass … sigh.

    Harrods.com£150 for 100m


    Goldfield & Banks – Bohemian Lime

    This is the newest launch from this Australian fragrance brand and we are transported to Byron Bay, Australia’s premier free-spirited tropical enclave.

    Picture the sun filtering through a lush canopy and the sound of sparkling waterfalls … paradise, in other words. The fragrance uses the Australian finger lime ingredient for the first time in perfumery, – a thorny shrub that grows on the east coast and is prized for its caviar appearance and tangy taste.

    The base is vibrant and lingering, with Australian sandalwood and amber with a carefree heart of vetiver and top notes of coriander and bergamot … luscious! I am picturing crisp white shirts billowing over sun-kissed skin and sandy feet …

    Selfridges – £135 for 100ml EDP


    Histoires de Parfum 7753 Unexpected Mona

    This stunning French, niche fragrance house, believes you can match your fragrance to the life you lead – or maybe the life you would like to lead?!

    Why 7753 I hear you ask? Well, it stands for the dimensions of the Mona Lisa painting. And this fragrance is all about the scent of the woman, the emotion, a glance, a hidden number for a hidden smile.

    Scent wise, it is headier than my other choices. It has tuberose at its heart, which is tempered by powdery heliotrope and vetiver, accented by citrus notes of bergamot and crisp ivy notes.

    Take it from me, this is one to remind you of warm summer holiday nights, dancing under the stars in a gossamer-thin silk dress.

    Harvey Nichols  – £145 for 120ml