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    5 Sustainable Brands For Your Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe

    5 Sustainable Brands For Your Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe

    If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to treat the planet with more respect.

    As a Stylist, I am not about shopping hauls or wardrobes big enough to fill Wembley Stadium, I am ALL about quality over quantity.

    So with that in mind, here is my pick of sustainable brands you should embrace season after season…




    If you don’t know about Pyrrha, you are missing out.

    The backstory alone makes the duo behind the name a firm favourite with me. I’ve used it with many of my clients on the red carpet such is my love for this brand.

    Founded in 1993, they met, fell in love and began handcrafting jewellery at their kitchen table in Vancouver and founded Pyrrha with a commitment to; ‘always follow our own rules’.


    Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe


    Another brand that extols the ‘quality over quantity’ maxim.

    Stow has introduced their new ’Slow Travel Collection’ – an environmentally aware extension of the brand’s existing commitment to producing high quality, sustainable, life-lasting pieces – maximising zero waste initiatives and ethical practices.

    The brand has introduced canvas for the first time with this new collection.

    They also have a new drawstring backpack in butter-soft leather and a selection of very easy to wear cross-body small bags, small enough for a phone & your cards and keys, ‘which is pretty much all I have been carrying with me of late’ says Carol Lovell, Founder & Creative Director of the brand.


    Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe

    The Well Worn

    Local brand The Well Worn launched during the pandemic but this has not held them back in any way.

    They have gone from strength to strength using deadstock, antique or recyclable fabric and all made in the UK. The Olivia dress is my current object of lust.

    Buy well is their motto to live by.


    Eco-Friendly Summer Wardrobe

    Sante & Wade

    As a company, Sante + Wade wants to ensure that every decision it makes has a positive impact on the environment.

    This starts first and foremost with the relationship with production partners. The company works closely with multi-generational factories in Portugal that celebrate craftmanship with the continued use of traditional hand-made shoe-making processes.

    These are factories that share the company’s values about creating timeless pieces and curbing over-production, where each individual worker’s worth is valued by the receipt of fair wages.

    Sante + Wade prides itself on the choice of materials on offer and goes to great lengths to source materials that are beautiful and long-lasting.

    Leathers are of Spanish and Italian origin and sourced from suppliers who comply with strict EU environmental guidelines and obligations with respect to the tanning process and its impact on the environment.

    The company uses FSC recycled packaging for its shoe boxes and recycled cork in the footbed of its sneakers. Sante + Wade is committed to continuously improving its sustainability practices and has recently introduced chrome-free leather on its products.


    Ren London

    An East London based fashion brand designed by founder Ren Valuzyte. Ren is a firm believer in slow fashion who believes in a mindful approach to offer more sustainable alternatives, without compromising on style.

    Dedicated to small scale production and careful material sourcing, Ren London offers investment pieces that will be reliable favourites for many seasons to come.

    The production is always done in small batches, offering their customers a level of exclusivity on all of the pieces. Small scale also enables them to minimise fashion waste by curbing overproduction.

    To minimise their footprint even further, Ren London prioritises natural fibre fabrics. They source European linens, end of roll fabrics, handwoven and naturally dyed organic cotton from India, recycled cotton, raw silk, Tencel, and other innovative, eco-conscious alternatives to synthetics and synthetic blends.



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