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    5 Tips To Create The Ultimate Reading Nook in Your Home

    5 Tips To Create The Ultimate Reading Nook in Your Home


    A reading nook can become the most peaceful and treasured place in your home, where you can cosy up with your latest page-turner and escape from reality.

    If you delved into your passion for reading these past few months and want to keep it up, a reading nook is the ideal space to create for you and your paper pals. It’s a place of quiet where you can escape by yourself and indulge with a book, drink, or even a nap if you really wanted!

    The team at Essential Living have put together their 5 top tips on how to create the perfect reading nook for a tranquil space in a corner of your home or apartment.

    Comfy Accent Chair

    Creating your perfect reading nook starts with purchasing the perfect chair. Everyone wants to be comfy when curled up reading their favourite book, so we would opt for chairs you can sink into.

    Accent chairs can offer a sophisticated look in the corner of the room and make it look less like you’ve just put a chair there to read in. Made.com has some great options for accent chairs in a range of colours and styles.


    Reading Nook Comfy ChaIR


    Curtains or Room Divider

    Curtains or a canopy over your reading nook or space can be a great way to keep out the outside world.

    You can shut yourself off from goings-on in your home, or even do give yourself a tranquil space where you can’t see your desk (especially if you are still WFH) or any bill. Behind your canopy/curtains, it’s just you and your book.

    H&M have a great reading nook canopy on their website and LoveSweetStyle have several options.

    Though a canopy or curtains may be preferable for some, others prefer a more refined look and a room divider helps achieve this. A room divider allows you to break up a space without having to take over a whole room for your nook. Some great room dividers can be found on sites such as Wayfair and La Redoute.


    Reading Nook


    Side Table

    A true cosy nook needs a side table to go next to your chair to really give the space a place of its own within the home. A side table can be great for storage and is where you can pop your book down, a cup of coffee or even a nice mug of hot chocolate and really settle into your space.

    A side table saves you having to get up to go get bits and pieces when you want to relax and means you don’t have to place things around you on the floor, messing up your tranquil reading space.

    If you have gone for an understated chair, you could invest in a statement side table that makes you excited to go and use your nook space. Alternatively, a great option is to invest in a magazine stand-table.

    This way you have an excuse to make use of your nook even when reading the daily newspaper or a magazine – and your favourites can even be stored in your nook for future style inspiration.


    We love this magazine wrack table from notonthehighstreet.com


    reading nook side table


    Warm Lighting

    A warm light in a space can add the ambience that a reading nook desires. Harsh light is not nice to read in, or good for the eyes so you ideally want to pick a lamp or lightbulb that isn’t too bright or blue.

    If you can, go for a light with a dimmer switch so you can alter the lighting depending on your mood – whether you want to read your book or actually sneak off for a cosy nap. There are plenty of options online, just make sure you pick a bulb with a warm tone. For example, this bulb would be a great choice and can be found on Dunelm:


    lighting for a reading nook



    If you have the room to create a library in the corner, this is a great place to keep all of your beloved books stored – and those you have had on your list to read.

    Shelves can also be a great decorative feature to make a full feature out of your nook space. If you don’t have much floor space, shelves are a great space to keep your lamp on, a vase and even a great place for a basket to keep any bookmarks, a kindle or any chargers so they are all nearby if needed.

    You can find a huge range of choices online or in-store from places such as Wayfair and even IKEA.