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    An evening with Club Epicure

    An evening with Club Epicure

    I recently met up with the lovely Hatty at the Open House Deli to hear about and get the low down on Club Epicure. I had heard so much about this much talked about supper club, that I felt I needed to get to understand the whole business.

    Club Epicure

    Within five minutes of meeting, Hatty and I were chatting like we had known each other for
    years and I can totally understand why having started Club Epicure in their living room two
    years ago, this exclusive dining experience has become so successful.

    Hatty and her partner Alex, a self-taught cook who was a MasterChef quarter finalist in 2017, started Club Epicure to fuel Alex’s passion for cooking, and to help fund the renovations of their new home in Winchester. Starting in their living room in August 2017, they welcomed 10 local foodies into their home for the first Club Epicure supper club.

    From then on they hosted up to two supper clubs each month and moved to outside locations too, providing local Winchester venues with a ‘pop up’ Club Epicure experience as well.

    man holding fork eating on a white table cloth

    They have now outgrown their living room supper clubs but continue to host pop up supper clubs, and also provide private dining experiences at the homes of their clients. The waiting list is long and both of them want to keep the concept intimate and exclusive, so you need to book well in advance to sample their exquisite food. In fact, at the time of writing I noted that all of their current events are fully booked until the 1 st June, this is just a stunning achievement.

    Alex is totally passionate about food, sourcing locally and producing a seasonal menu at all their events. The menus are generally 5 courses with canapes and petit fours. When he’s not immersed in cooking, he works full time as a Naval Architect for a Winchester consultancy. Hatty, when not busy being front of house, prepping and taste testing runs her own marketing and web design business.

    bowl with food and dressing being poured

    With hard work and such steadfast enthusiasm and having outgrown their living room, they have decided to concentrate their pop up supper dining on outside locations. With events so far at The Bridge Patisserie, Hambledon Vineyard, The Good Life Farm Shop and new to the list and to Winchester, The Open House Deli. (I wish I knew that one was coming, especially as it is fully booked already.)


    With a wedding to plan for themselves in July, supper clubs to organise and full-time day jobs – phew this couple keep very busy. When I asked Hatty if they wanted to take Club Epicure full-time she said they have no intention of giving up their day jobs, they feel Club Epicure is a glorious hobby and provides people in Winchester with a great sense of community.

    To find out more about Club Epicure visit their website https://www.clubepicure.uk