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    Are we shunning tradition for a more scaled-back Christmas?

    Are we Shunning tradition for a more scaled-back Christmas dinner?

    Restrictions on celebrations mean Christmas day will look very different for many this year. With the majority of Brits (81%) having a scaled-back Christmas dinner, food lovers are ditching the traditional turkey dinner and Christmas pud for an array of foods they enjoy more.

    alternative Christmas dinner

    According to a new study by recipe box giant, Gousto, two-thirds of people say celebrating Christmas with food is their favourite way to celebrate, yet 40% don’t really enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner and only eat it because they don’t want to break with family tradition.

    As a result, a quarter of the nation will be embracing the changing, scaled-back, face of Christmas this year to eat something completely different.

    Do we even like turkey?

    To celebrate the launch of their new festive range, Gousto has uncovered what Brits REALLY think about the traditional Christmas dinner. Do we really like turkey? Is it finally time that sprouts were kicked to the curb? And what on earth is the obsession with Christmas pud?!

    gousto Christmas dinner

    The most disliked part of Chritmas dinner?

    Apparently Christmas pudding – not Brussels sprouts – is the most disliked part of the traditional Christmas dinner, closely followed by mince pies and turkey. One in 10 would opt for pasta or burgers for Christmas lunch instead!

    Among the least liked festive foods are:

    Christmas Pudding – 33%

    Brussel Sprouts – 30%

    Christmas Cake – 30%

    Mince Pies – 24%

    Turkey – 20%

    Is tradition holding us back?

    Kathryn Huxtable, Food Director at Gousto explains:  “We’re a nation bound by traditions, which means millions of us are eating traditional Christmas dinners because we feel we have to, rather than because we enjoy eating it. These findings show that people are secretly hungry for something a bit different and more adventurous when it comes to Christmas dinner.”

    According to reserch, one in five of us say they’ve wanted to cook a different Christmas meal in the past but worried what their guests would think so they’re looking forward to changing the menu this year.

    As it turns out, many of us would absolutely love an alternative plate of food at the end of the month, particularly when it comes to replacing the traditonal christmas pudding. More and more of us are favouring a Chocolate Gateaux, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Pavlova, Strawberry Cheesecake and the humble Ice Cream Sundae.

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