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    Autumn Style Resolutions

    Autumn Style Resolutions

    With Autumn in the air and the season change in sight, it’s time for some autumn-inspired wardrobe resolutions…

    Second Hand September

    Timing perfectly with Oxfam’s new ‘Second Hand September’, I am making a conscious effort to buy pre-loved (although without floating my own boat I have always been quite good at it!). There have been a few amazing purchases of recent, mostly from eBay but my favourite has to be the Isabel Marant jacket I got for £50 at a charity sale. I could NOT believe my eyes when I saw it hanging there. I didn’t even try it, it was simply coming home with me regardless and would you believe it, it fitted perfectly and even better the money went to a brilliant cause. The compliments I have had wearing it are enough to make anyone’s day and that is the pure joy clothing should bring. Marie Kondo eat your heart out!

    There are so many amazing pre-loved gems within charity shops and local pop up second-hand sales. Not only that but with eBay, Depop and Vestiaire becoming so popular, it’s easier than ever to make a step for positive change with the way you shop.

    Autumn style pink embellished Marant jacket

    Save Water – Donate those Jeans!

    In a pledge to help the planet, Oxfam is asking you to help save 11 million items of clothing from going to landfill every week by donating what you no longer need. Did you know we can save between 10,000 and 20,000 litres of water by saying no to just one new pair of jeans and one t-shirt – shocking, right?

    A great article was published by guest editor Katie Pavelin, here on HerHampshire talking all things sustainable and listing some brilliant local businesses in Winchester that are making a difference!

    donate jeans

    Find your Style – Make it Timeless

    Investing in my wardrobe has been something I have focused on over the past few months. I only purchase items I know I will wear continuously and that will last, as well as things that are a necessity rather than for the sake of buying them because someone on Instagram has it! Every single person’s body is different and whilst there are so many fabulous trends to dip in to, curating your wardrobe around your own signature style will not only benefit how you look, but how you feel and no one can take that away from you.

    Wear It – Snap It – File It

    Another top tip I always give to clients is to photograph their outfits and create an album on their camera roll, this is something I have done in the past but I am making it my mission to try on every garment I own and style it up in several ways whilst documenting it (also part of a new series I’ll be starting over on my Instagram @stylingbyJE called #WearYourOwnWardrobe).

    This process is amazing when you’re short of time, or have a holiday/ several events to pack for in a short space of time (think fashion week and how the editors do it!), you can simply go to your files, browse your outfits and plan ahead.

    Autumn Style Second Hand September dress

    Those are mine, but the question lies… what are your style resolutions for the upcoming season?

    Until next time

    Jessica x