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    Bitesize Biz: Lana Suhova

    Bitesize Biz: Lana Suhova

    Welcome to Bitesize Biz Babes, introducing you to bodacious business women from our region.

    Today, I’m chatting all things style and marketing with the gorgeous Lana Suhova from Dalry Rose Digital (digital marketing management) and Dalry Rose Style (fashion + styling services).
    Lana Suhova

    After graduating from university with a publishing and marketing degree, Lana spent several years building a career in creative agencies around Hampshire, working the 9-5 (or more like 8-8!) days, living for the weekends.


    Does working more hours equal more success?

    Lana always thought that in order to achieve her goal to become a senior director, the hustle had to happen.

    But, not giving up on her hopes of a wholesome and profitable lifestyle, she continued to build her fashion and lifestyle blog on the side – learning much of her creative and marketing prowess along the way.

    Over time, the hustle started to wear thin and Lana found herself with no energy to enjoy her hard-earned time off.


    “By the time I was ready to enjoy life outside work, I had no energy. It affected my wellbeing and mental health. I would often come home exhausted and stressed.”


    Lana turned to visualisation and manifestation to start actively planning her dream future. One where she could have a flexible lifestyle and be financially compensated for the hours she put in.

    Dalry Rose was born!


    Lana Suhova


    The biggest lessons

    To dive deeper into Lana’s success as a creative, I asked her about her biggest lessons in business so far…

    “Running a business is never a straightforward journey! But, we need the rain first to see the beautiful rainbow after!”

    She added that who is on the journey with you is equally as important.

    “I’m so lucky to have a partner who understands my vision and is 100% behind me no matter what wild ideas I come up with, and family and friends who are my biggest cheerleaders.”

    Then we got into the juicy stuff… mistakes!

    (Hey! We all wanna learn, right?)

    “Saying “Yes” too much. It sounds strange but we all need to learn to get more comfortable with the word “No” – I’m still working on it! I used to live on what I now realise is a terrible phrase ‘Say yes, and you’ll figure it out later.’”

    Oh preach Lana! Like so many of the incredible business women I’ve interviewed, burnout hit Lana hard. It took her months to recover – but… she attributes it to much of her success.


    Lana’s Key To Success

    As was all the hard-learned lessons, I asked Lana what else she thinks made her so successful.

    “Knowing my purpose and why I started my own businesses. To me it’s very important to remember why you’re on this journey, what values are important to you – that way it’s easy to stay on track, and it puts you in a mindset where you want to wake up every morning and get to work on your business. That way it’s not a ‘job’ but it’s a purpose you want to succeed in.”

    Wow, love that!

    And as always, I asked Lana for her favourite quote (if you’re anything like me, my computer is covered in inspirational post-it notes… a girl’s gotta get her motivation somewhere!


    “The universe has your back.”- Gabrielle Bernstein


    Lana Suhova



    You can find Lana bossin’ it over on Instagram @lanasuhova

    www.dalryrosedigital.co.uk IG: (dalryrosedigital) for digital marketing tips
    www.dalryrosestyling.com IG: (dalryrosestyle) for personal styling advice