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    All Organised For You

    Do you feel overwhelmed by stuff? Maybe you just have too many things, or can’t organise what you have. Are you downsizing? Do you need to help a friend or relative sort out years of accumulated baggage? Are you spending money keeping items you’re not using in a storage unit?

    Many people want to get organised and get rid of clutter but it is often overwhelming and they just don’t know where to start. The thought of going through cupboards full of stuff and sorting mountains of paperwork can be too much. Someone to guide and support them in a non-judgemental way makes this process much easier. I’m Liz Gresson and I have a lot of simple and effective solutions for storage and organisation as well as tips for making sure that the clutter doesn’t build up again.

    Clutter creates negative energy which drains us. Letting go is one of the most freeing things we can do – whether it is physical objects or old attitudes and ways of doing things which hold us back from being the person we could be now. Clearing the clutter makes room for what’s really important in life – family, friends, time for the things we love to do.

    My mission is to create calm and organised spaces for people to live and thrive.

    For me, less is more and my mantra is Keep it Simple.

    I help people who want life to be less complicated and to run more smoothly. If you’re one of them, get in touch and I’ll get it All Organised for You!


    I work with you to:

    • Help you assess what you have.
    • Support you as you decide what you want to keep.
    • Give you guidance on how to organise it effectively.
    • Advise you how to discard what you don’t want in an environmentally friendly and responsible way.
    • Provide strategies to stem the tide of clutter, reducing the amount that comes into your home.
    • Give advice on storage systems and organisation options to enable you to stay clutter-clear.