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    Booster Tutor

    Booster Tutor’s aim is to provide affordable small-group and one-to-one Maths and English tuition at Key Stage 2 level.

    We bridge any gaps in subject knowledge, build confidence, consolidate on priorlearning, prepare for SATs and master new skills in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. We have a wealth of experience teaching Maths and English in the primary classroom and can ensure a high standard of tuition and focus with each pupil at Booster Tutor Workshops.Tuition at Booster Tutor enables children to receive more personalised, focussed care from an experienced primary school teacher, while still having the opportunity to interact with peers, share ideas and learn in a collaborative and engaging environment.


    Friday evenings:

    Maths Workshops at Badger Farm Community

    Saturday mornings:

    English Workshops at Badger Farm Community