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    Heather Lerryn Photography

    Photos that matter. The little giggles, fly-away hair, warmth of cuddles and love. This is the kind of goodness we wish could be bottled up and held on to.

    I want to create authentic, emotive and treasured images that show your family just as they are now. No perfectly posed, staged smiling at the camera families here. Instead, real emotion and real families.

    I will direct you into pretty light, ask you to walk hand-in-hand, suggest you all tickle the littlest member of your family but most importantly, I ask you to simply be yourself.

    Taking photos is my passion and I would love to be able to capture you and your loved ones in a way that sparks joy within you when you receive the final images, freezing the moments you look to preserve. In a week, month, year or when your little ones are not so little anymore, reminisce as you flick through a photo album and open up that bottle of fuzzyness you so wanted to hold on to.

    Whether you’re expecting your first little one, running around with toddlers or sending your kiddos off to big school, let’s unplug, connect, and be the moment to capture these special fleeting moments.

    I can’t wait to chat with you about your session!

    Motherhood imagery by Heather Lerryn Photography




    Lifestyle newborn sessions include newborn, parents and siblings and take place in the comfort of your home. Sessions are calm, natural and focus on the connection and love in your family. Sweet snuggles, those adoring looks as you admire your new baby, and your babies tiny fingers wrapped around yours – these are some of the precious moments that will be included in your gallery. 


    This one is for all you mama’s out there. Motherhood is amazing. These moments pass so quickly, so take the time so slow down and remember life as it is at this time. This is your time to be in the frame with your little ones! Relaxed, intimate and meaningful photos that you will cherish forever 


    As a lifestyle photographer, I am all about taking time to guide you into authentic moments with your loved ones during your shoot. I will not be focusing on the “look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese” types of images during our shoot. I’m here to calm your nerves and I ensure even the most ‘camera shy’ individual will ease into relaxation to capture beautiful moments. I love when families take over after one simple prompt and allow their interactions to unravel honestly. Sitting back and capturing these moments and natural connections happen in front of my camera is my absolutely favourite. 


    Having a maternity session is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your partner and or younger children. While I can guide you, I love watching your personalities mix, and defined characteristics of relationships with each other reveal themselves. I’m here to calm your nerves and I ensure even the most ‘camera shy’ individual will ease into relaxation to capture beautiful moments.