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    Exercise and Wellness

    Nicky Booton Coaching

    Helping women who’ve faced adversity move
    from surviving to thriving through 1:1 coaching
    for empowerment and self-esteem.

    With more than 23 years worth of experience in
    the NHS, I also volunteer as a TRiM (Trauma
    Risk Management) Practitioner, and I’m a
    qualified Mental Health First Aider.

    Alongside my career and academic qualifications
    (psychology and counselling included), as a
    highly sensitive person, I’ve always had strong
    empathy for people and their situations.

    I care passionately about protecting and helping
    to improve the emotional well-being of people.
    Because I’ve had some awful experiences and
    can relate to how bad things can get, there’s a
    special group of people I want to help and you
    are one of them!


    You know you feel lost.  You’re stuck, and you have
    had enough of feeling like this.  There has got to be
    more to life, right?!
    How could you change things?  What will you
    change?  How does the future look?

    I offer 4 options for one-to-one coaching with me,
    so all you need to do now is decide your budget
    and pick which level you want to commit to.
    I also run a free Facebook group to bring
    together like minded people to support one
    another. Search for:

    Pride of the Rising Lioness