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    Warm Blush

    Ladies! Are you struggling with perimenopause or menopause symptoms? Maybe you already take HRT or other menopause supplements, yet you don’t find the relief you thought they would provide. Why is that? Warm Blush have the answer.

    The reason for this is that these treatments and remedies are not personalised to your unique needs. In addition, there may be underlying reasons why your symptoms are more extreme than they need be.

    This is where personalised nutrition and lifestyle support comes in.

    My name is Shirly and I am a BANT Registered Nutritionist. I would like to introduce you to the benefits of Nutritional Therapy (NT) and Lifestyle Medicine.

    Through NT, we personalise your perimenopause or menopause care so that you get the relief you seek faster. We use the principles of Lifestyle Medicine to get to the roots of why you experience extreme symptoms that affect your daily life and relationships.

    When you work with me, the focus is on you.

    With a bespoke diet and exercise plan that is unique to your needs, you can get relief from your perimenopause symptoms whether you want to…

    • Improve your raging, low moods or anxiety, so you feel calmer, happier and motivated about life
    • Clear your brain fog, so you think clearly, stay sharp, focused and confident at work or in life
    • Increase your energy and strength for the activities and social life you enjoy
    • Sleep through the night, wake refreshed, rested and energised
    • Get your libido back to enjoy fun and passionate times with your partner
    • Reduce the discomfort or embarrassment of hot flushes
    • Lose weight and control your weight during perimenopause and menopause


    When you work with me, you get:

    In-depth initial consultation (70 minutes), where we discuss…

    • Your health concerns
    • What you wish to achieve from the support I provide
    • Review your health history
    • Analyse any previous results from tests you may have had prior to seeing me


    • Analysis of your 3-day food diary
    • A written summary of discussions following consultations/coaching calls
    • A bespoke diet and lifestyle plan, based on natural solutions to get you back to your healthy, happy and confident Self
    • Suggested supplements that benefit your unique needs and support you to achieve relief from your symptoms faster
    • Two consultations/coaching calls per month
    • Email access in between consultations
    • Evidence-based handouts to help you understand how your body is reacting to midlife change
    • Motivation for when you feel like giving up
    • Accountability for when you need a push to reach your health goals

    Personalised 1:1 support from…

    • BANT Registered Nutritionist trained in Functional Medicine principles
      – A healthcare professional with over 12 years of expertise in working with women and families within an NHS setting as a Midwife
      – Someone who is going through the same midlife change as you and knows what you’re going through