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    Can ‘Face Yoga’ Make Me Feel Healthier AND Look Younger?

    Can 'Face Yoga' Make Me Feel Healthier AND Look Younger?


    I believe in balance in all things.

    Whilst I am a fan the odd non-invasive tweakment, I also love at-home treatments to slow down the passage of time.

    I had heard snippets about the art of facial massage and face yoga so wanted to find out more – and guess what – it’s not as hippy as you might think!

    I like to think I have a healthy diet. I do a bit of exercise and I have a thorough skincare routine. However, recently, my skin has been feeling, well, a bit “meh”, A bit – lacklustre.

    So I decided that I needed a change, something to put some pep back into those skin cells – a bit of a boot camp for the face, if you will …

    Face Yoga – get down dog

    I came across Kris Davies having fallen down an Instagram rabbit hole – like you do – but this time, I actually learnt something worthwhile!

    Kris has been in the beauty industry for around 40 years. Having done her training at Champneys, she has owned her own salons in her native Wales, but with the advent of the pandemic, needed to diversify her skills and expertise and discovered face yoga. Kris trained under Danielle Collins, the renowned face yoga teacher and was astounded at the results – both mentally and holistically.

    I asked her about the benefits:

    “Not only does face yoga help to plump up muscles and lift the face through the exercises, it improves circulation to the skin surface, which in turn improves the complexion and skin condition by boosting collagen and elastin production. In face yoga, you also touch key acupressure points, which can lead to an increased sense of well-being and balance of energy”.

    Work it out!

    Sounds good right?

    In the interest of research, I signed up for one of Kris’ 60-minute sessions and was amazed at the range of faces you can pull in as many minutes! I felt thoroughly worked out from doing the 18 exercises in her routine and my skin was glowing.

    This is all about plumping up the facial muscles and lifting the face through exercising the muscles, as well as using some facial massage techniques. You need to set a side a good 10-20 minutes a day at the beginning, and I have to admit I struggled. Persistence pays though, and once you get the routine down, like anything, it’s plain sailing.

    Whilst tempting, I would advise not to rush it. This is self-care in action people and you should enjoy the process, and as Kris says, you can incorporate some of the moves into your daily skincare routine when cleansing or applying moisturisers and creams.

    face yoga face yoga

    Facial massage to reduce tension, lift and firm

    Make-up artist and author of best-selling book on facial massage, Press Here! Facial Workouts for Beginners, Nadira Persaud is another advocate for natural treatments having practised facial massage on herself and her clients for years.

    She first learnt the moves from her mum but honed her skills when she attended the prestigious London College of Fashion and learnt the art of professional facials. She has since used her own routines to prep client’s skin ahead of magazine shoots, TV and red-carpet appearances to ensure skin is looking its absolute best before applying make-up.

    She says of facial massage: “people seem more receptive to these types of rituals now than 15 years ago when I started practising facial massage, I think people are now taking more care of their skin and self care in general.”

    This might be due, in part, to the last year in lockdown, but I think we will all benefit from embracing this new dawn of self-care and not looking upon it as a needless indulgence and instead, enjoying the wellbeing benefits of taking some time for ourselves.

    So, what are the Benefits?

    One of the key things you will notice straight away according to Nadira is relaxation and a tension-free face – so for all you jaw clinchers out there – this is for you!

    However, both Kris and Nadira agree that one can expect a reduction in puffiness and fluid retention around the contours of the face, increased glow and an improvement in skin tone due to the increased blood flow to the surface of the skin, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and removing toxins.

    Both disciplines involve massage techniques that touch on traditional acupressure and energy balance points to aid wellbeing and relaxation.

    Nadira’s beautifully illustrated book will help even the most nervous novices get stuck into the practice and find the best movements for unique skin concerns and Kris will record your live face yoga session and send it to you alongside a great recap sheet of her pulling all sorts of amazing faces for you to follow along with!

    But we warned, this is no quick fix, both agree that consistency is key – you can’t turn back time, but you can improve what you have and look your best self for longer.

    Ideally. 6-7 sessions a week are recommended. Now, go forth and glow!

    Key products to use for facial massage

    Always start with a freshly cleansed face:

    I am using Balance me pre and probiotic cleansing milk

    Nadira loves Ark Skincare pre-cleanse and makeup remover to remove daily grime and makeup whilst maintaining a balance in the skin

    Kris has developed her own range of products for anyone suffering from eczema and Psoriasis- checkout Sav-ee products here

    A good facial oil is key for facial massage. I love trilogy rosehip oil – it is simply the best I have ever come across, calms rosacea and evens my skin tone.

    Nadira recommends the Sofia Latif eye oil, which has a lovely rollerball applicator; perfect for her signature “eye sweep” move and great for tackling dehydration

    Fingers are best for many of the techniques, but once you are confident, you can introduce tools such as a Gua Sha or a roller.

    You can book a face yoga appointment with Kris through her website.

    Remember, if you are seeing a cosmetic doctor, for any kind of treatment, speak with your practitioner first before performing face yoga or massage and follow their guidelines.