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    Find your Cheerleaders

    Find your Cheerleaders

    In the words of Coldplay:

    “Nobody said it was easy/No one ever said it would be this hard” and when you look at life, business and family, this couldn’t ring more true.

    Everything seems like a constant balancing act of which you are the main circus performer. Often, you are the person comforting everyone else; whether it’s your children who didn’t get invited to someone’s birthday party, your partner who didn’t get the promotion they were hoping for, your sibling going through a breakup. You are the shoulders to burden the weight of everyone else’s upset. So it’s hard to really stress just how important it is that you find your cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are your Girl Gang, your team, your tribe – whatever you want to call them – they are the people that not only understand what is going on in your life but also support you when you need it most.

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    In life, cheerleaders are an integral part of your support system

    They’re the ones that understand the 3am mind fuzz, when sleep seems a million miles away and all you can think of is your endless to-do list. They’re the ones that don’t get annoyed at last minute coffee-date cancellations, because they understand what it’s like to have to fit a thousand things into a day and realise that as nice as carrot cake and a moan sound, today is just not the day. They empathise with you when the people in your life contradict your decision-making or question your ideas or skills and give you terrible, condescending advice – they’ve been there too. They appreciate your hard work and the long hours – whether that’s between childcare of just…life. They appreciate it so much, that when you post something on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter, they’re the first ones to share that post, to “whoop” and “go girl!” all over the comments thread, and sometimes you don’t even need to post anything for them to cheer like crazy – they’re just that proud of you. They don’t care that things aren’t going right for them, they’re happy that things are going right for you and will tell you without feeling jealous. They don’t judge your decisions, but instead reaffirm to you that you’re empowered enough to make your own decisions based on your good judgement. They don’t tell you that you can’t. They tell that you bloody well can.

    Your cheerleaders can be found anywhere

    they can be found at networking groups, like Women Who Do. They can be found online in Facebook groups, or in a book club or at the gym. They can be found through a cycling club or a Twitter hour. Your cheerleaders are just as valuable in the virtual world as they are in reality. What’s important is that you find your cheerleaders and you lean on them for support, advice and general spirit-boosting whenever you need it, because you 100% deserve someone in corner, cheering you on and telling you how damn awesome you are.