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    Five-Minute Career-Boosting Activities To Do Every Day

    Five-Minute Career-Boosting Activities To Do Every Day

    Job hunting, promotion scouting, career shifting…

    These big moves are more common at the beginning of the year than at any other time. Why? Because after the Christmas break we walk back into the office (most likely virtually) and say… “WTF did I come back to this for?”. Amiright?

    Job dissatisfaction can be a slow burner, or it can hit us smack-bang in the face after a horrible interaction or comment from that colleague.

    So, what can we be doing, consistently, to ensure that we’re always preparing for our next awesome opportunity?


    Check-in on LinkedIn

    Just like any other social media platform, you get rewarded when you play nice with the algorithm.

    Abandoned your LinkedIn profile whilst you’ve been in your current role? You’re not likely to get great returns if you suddenly start using it to warm up potential employers by showing off your knowledge – because the likelihood is, it’s not getting pushed out very far by the LinkedIn gods.

    What can we do? Just take 5-10 minutes a day to engage. Comment on topical posts, like your colleagues’ updates, follow # trends that are relevant to your role or a role you may want in the future, share your own insights and engage in some friendly debate.

    Also, make sure your picture is current and your responsibilities list is up to date as you upskill.


    You might think that networking is only for the salespeople or active job hunters, but you’d be wrong. Regularly networking is not only great for making new buddies, but it’s also a sensible way to keep your options open by seeing what’s new, diving into previously undiscovered industries and getting your name out there.

    Who knows… maybe you’ll be sharing a coffee with your next boss?

    In #CovidTimes there are loads of online groups you can join for networking and lots of in-person networking meet-ups have now taken their offering online.

    BONUS! You can keep your PJ bottoms on while you boss it!

    Take an active role

    Even if you’re super happy in your job, doing your daily tasks and getting through what you need to do… there’s no harm in putting yourself forward for a new project or pitching an idea to your boss.

    Think a Monday morning motivation meeting might ‘up’ morale? Suggest it!

    Wish you had more training in a specific area? Ask for it!

    Noticing a colleague is struggling and want to offer the team more support? Look into it!

    Shining in your current role is a surefire way to secure a great reference and might open up in-house opportunities you didn’t even know existed.


    career boost - woman celebrating

    Be your own cheerleader

    In the same vein, make sure you flag when you’ve done something good! No one knows you’re awesome unless you remind them ? just kidding!

    But make sure you’re highlighting it when you’ve achieved something – both to yourself and your superiors. If you don’t believe that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, why should anybody else?

    Managing your mindset

    Don’t switch off! I know mindset feels a bit ‘woo’ to a lot of people, but it is the single most important thing when it comes to being successful in life and actually enjoying it.

    A positive mindset, religious goal-setting, practising gratitude, journaling, meditating… it’s all paramount to keep your mind straight, your stress low and your creativity inflow.

    Most of your mindset managing can be done in the morning, squeezed into just 10 minutes and a few simple routine tweaks. Check out my tips for a GirlBoss morning if you need inspiration!

    In my own life, working on my mindset has been the best thing I’ve done. Bad stuff happens, work can be stressful, job hunting can be draining. But if you’ve got a great attitude and a clear goal in mind… the world’s your oyster!

    50 minutes a day keeps the career blues away!

    Give these career-boosting tips a go and see how they open your eyes to a next-level-you ?