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    Hampshire’s Most Tragic Breakup Stories

    Hampshire's Most Tragic Breakup Stories

    You poor bunch have been through some pretty harsh breakups.

    Enduring heartbreak is never much fun but hearing that others have experienced the same thing and better yet – survived – can be comforting.

    So in the spirit of commiseration, we rounded up some of our readers most devastating, cringeworthy and downright heartbreaking tales of going separate ways.

    If you’re in the midst of getting over a breakup, make sure you check out our worst first date stories after for a good belly-holding laugh that’ll really help you move on.




    Public Humiliation

    I was pregnant and had organ failure when my husband (who had begged me to have the baby) was cheating on me using our joint bank account to stay in hotels with his “thing” while I was in the hospital.

    He then told me when our baby was a few weeks old that he didn’t love me anymore. On the same day, the photos came out on social media of a friends wedding I was too sick to attend and he had taken the “thing” in my place. So very public. 


    Pulling a Disappearing Act

    It was my first serious relationship and we had been together for a year. He was in the army and after doing the long-distance thing for several months, he suggested we move in together.

    I got myself a new job in the area, handed my notice in and we put down a deposit on a flat rental.

    One evening, the week before we were due to move, I went on his phone account (yep, I even paid his phone bill). I noticed that for every text he was sending me, he was sending this other number 2-3 texts. I rang the number and had a depressing chat with the girl he was cheating on me with.

    The worst part is he then never got in touch afterwards (you know, for some closure) so eventually I just closed his phone account down and never saw/spoke to him again.



    Lies, Lies, Lies

    Dated a guy who told me he was 25 and had a daughter. Three months later I saw on his driving license he was actually 30. A pretty pointless lie really, though I figured plenty of people lie about their age when they’re looking to hook up, so I decided to let it slide.

    Four weeks after the driving licence saga, he mentioned his three daughters. Clearly forgetting he’d only told me about one! It was definitely time to move on after that. 


    Riding the Waves

    My ex and I had been living together for 4 years and decided we were going to sell up and buy a small sailing yacht and sail around the world together.

    This meant one of us needed to learn how to sail. We spoke about it for some time and eventually, he had convinced me to quit my job because I made less money in the relationship and he would support us both whilst I took a year to do my sailing qualification.

    I was of course worried about becoming totally financially dependent on him, but he assured me everything would be fine and he was so excited for our dream life to begin!

    Halfway through my Yachtmaster, he came back from working away. We went on a mini-break and one night whilst we were away he started crying. He told me he thought we should breakup. He couldn’t be bothered to look after anyone but himself and that he felt like he was on a search for perfection.

    He said he knew he should feel grateful that he had my unconditional love, but felt like he could never give that to anyone.

    And that was that. I had to find somewhere to live and choose whether to finish the qualification (and empty my entire savings) or quit half-way through and find a job.

    Turns out it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I finished my Yachtmaster, sailed across the Atlantic, found a team to race with and went on to do the Fastnet race last year. I have also found a partner who is quite happy to love me unconditionally and support my sailing ?




    The First Cut Is The Deepest

     I was 16 and had been with my boyfriend for 3 months, which in teenage time, feels like years.

    I was absolutely completely and utterly in love with him. He was amazing, popular, kind, gorgeous and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. 

    We went to prom together and it was a magical night. A couple of nights later I just knew he was the one I wanted to lose my virginity too. I knew I was in love and my parents had brought me up to wait until it felt special. 

    He came over to my house and I was so nervous. We were sat at the end of my bed and he was acting, I don’t know, different? I guessed it was because he was nervous too. Just as we were about to ‘do it’ he stopped and said we had to break up. Right. In. The. Moment.

    He said that I was amazing but he just didn’t love me anymore and didn’t want to take my virginity and then hurt me. I stayed really strong and told him I was happy he had been honest with me and we agreed to remain friends. As soon as I closed the door to him leaving I broke down on the floor and cried my heart out. I was broken. What a time to breakup.

    From reading my diaries from back then… I truly was broken. Ended up losing my virginity to an old ex and cried after. 

    Luckily…. he’s pretty ugly now so I well and truly dodged a bullet! ?


    break up


    A Jolly Holly Christmas… Breakup

    It was Christmas and I went to the local light switch-on with my sister and our children. 

    When it finished at about 6 pm I got a text from my husband saying:

    “I don’t love you anymore. It’s over. I don’t want to discuss it further. Don’t call or text me again.”

    That was 12 years ago and he left me in over 30k worth of debt. I’ve finally paid that off and nearly have enough saved to pay for the divorce.


    Train Reaction

    My baby’s father and I had recently got back together following a previous breakup. He was living in Kettering and I in Portsmouth and I had arranged for us to go and see him.

    We were on the first of three trains when I called him to let him know we were on our way when I heard a woman in the background.

    I freaked out and put the phone down. I looked on his Facebook page and he had removed me as a friend and had blasted pictures of his new “friend” all over his Facebook as I was travelling up with his daughter! I was devastated.


    train crash break up


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