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     How does CBD Oil REALLY Make You Feel? 

     How Does CBD Oil REALLY Make You Feel? 

    If like me, you are always on the lookout for the latest innovative product or trend, you cannot fail to have noticed the emergence of Cannabidiol or more commonly known as ‘CBD.’

    Without a doubt, CBD oil-infused products are a hot topic. Beauty brands are continuing to add CBD to their list of popular ingredients: Kiehl’s launched a Cannabis Sativa Seed Facial Oil for hydration and soothing stressed skin. Milk makeup unveiled their iconic Kush Mascara, infused with cannabis oil, renowned for conditioning the eyelashes and stimulating lash regrowth.

    The list of CBD products is growing apace creating a market set to generate 1.8 million dollars by 2022. But if it’s not getting you high, then what is it doing exactly?

    I met the inspirational founder of CBD oil brand Cannadox, Hayley Millbank, to hear the story behind her unique product which is eco-friendly, 100% organic – and has strengths unmatched by other CBD oil products on the market.

    Hayley Milbank sat on sandy beach

    Cannadox Founder, Hayley Millbank – Makeup by Olivia Todd & Photography by Gemma Brunton

    Hayley tells me how, at her lowest ebb, she “was broken, burnt out, a blank space. I had nothing to give my husband and daughter. Fast forward a few weeks and I could function again.” Personal experience has made her a powerful advocate for the benefits of CBD oil, driving her to establish Cannadox as a mainstream, ethical product.

    How did you first get into CBD oil and what led you to produce Cannadox?

    I ignored some pretty obvious warning signs. Not long after having my daughter and returning to my career full-time in the tech department of a popular financial services company, I continued to juggle roles; work, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, cook, cleaner, homemaker. There were months of warnings I failed to acknowledge – chronic fatigue, memory loss, panic attacks, emotional episodes, insomnia. One day it fell apart, and I descended into a pit of depression.

    ……….I was more than willing to accept the cocktail of pharmaceuticals prescribed by my doctor, despite the long list of negative side effects. The medication helped me function, but I just felt numb. I had become a passenger in my own life, and that frightened me.

    ………..I began to research CBD oil almost as a last resort. But after some extensive research, I realised that CBD’s potential to help with a broad spectrum of mental health and chronic pain issues really couldn’t be overlooked.

    ……….I’d seen those lurid posters of cannabis leaves and flashy banners in the windows of rapidly-opened high street shops, peddling CBD as a cure for all manner of ailments. There is so much misinformation about CBD; it is not marijuana and won’t give you a “high”.

    ……….CBD is grown from a particular strain of cannabis Sativa, with naturally occurring higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC, the more commonly known psychoactive cannabinoid, (it is illegal for products in the UK to contain over 0.2% THC). Under 0.2% THC will induce no psychoactive feeling whatsoever.

    Cannadox CBD Oil

    Photography by Gemma Brunton

    I’d seen those lurid posters of cannabis leaves and flashy banners in the windows of rapidly-opened high street shops, peddling CBD as a cure for all manner of ailments. There is so much misinformation about CBD; it is not marijuana and won’t give you a “high”.

    How has CBD helped you?

    Today, CBD helps me to keep my anxiety, depression and panic attacks at bay without prescription medications – and without making me feel like a zombie.

    ……….When I stopped feeling anxious, I started getting frustrated. Frustrated at how women’s health is so commonly undervalued. Frustrated at how CBD oils are commonly promoted and sold in poor quality, low strength blends that just don’t work. CBD oil can help with a plethora of conditions including depression and anxiety, menopause symptoms, fibromyalgia, and even period pains. But it has to be the right quality and strength to be beneficial, and you don’t find that with every brand. It’s important to understand a label and trust the information to be accurate.

    ………..Cannadox are members of the CTA (cannabis trade association) and ensure all our labels meet the requirements of the MHRA (medical health regulatory authority and the UK Home Office.

    How do you recommend we take Cannadox?

    It is recommended that regardless of strength, to start with 2 drops twice daily. This way you can build up the dosage dependant on your individual needs for taking CBD oil. It is important to remember CBD is a food supplement, and not to be afraid of using this plant-powered pick me up, however it is important to stick to the recommended doses.

    Hayley Milbank drinking coffee

    Makeup by Olivia Todd & Photography by Gemma Brunton

     What can CBD oil help with?

    A question I fear, because I don’t want to make it sound like a snake oil, because truly, what can’t it help with?

    ……….We can all do with CBD, as a general wellbeing supplement to maintain a healthy endocannabinoid system. However, the benefits soar when it comes to mental health and physical pain.

    ……….CBD is now also making inroads into the world of beauty – CBD helps address acne by stopping the processes known to cause it, such as excess oil build-up. CBD inhibits oil production and also has anti-inflammatory effects on oil-producing glands.  When acting with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin, it has the power to reduce excess skin cell growth, a common problem for those with psoriasis.

     How would you say CBD oil affects your mood?

    CBD has a positive interaction with the serotonin receptor in the brain.

    ……….Serotonin impacts a range of functions in the body, as well as influencing emotional state and feelings of well-being.

    Cannadox Oil and pipette

    Photography by Gemma Brunton

    What are your plans for the business in the future? Would you look at expanding your product range?

    Authenticity and education are at the heart of Cannadox – so I intend to continue to speak up about my mental health, and the benefits of CBD as a natural alternative, specifically for women’s health; menstrual, menopause, fibromyalgia and endometriosis.

    ……….We launched in March with our modest collection of premium quality and high strength oils. It is CBD at its best and purest – so why mess with it? I didn’t want to interfere with something that works. As that is what I want our customers to realise – it works!


    Meeting with Hayley persuaded me to give Cannadox a try myself and after ingesting it for 2 weeks straight I am now a believer in the wellness ingredients superpowers. Being someone whom often struggles with getting a good night’s sleep and not always mastering the work-life balance very well I found myself far more relaxed, focused, motivated and the ultimate perk of all…well-rested!  So it’s a yes from me.

    If CBD oil sounds like something you may be interested in trying Cannadox has a 25% off exclusive offer code BEAUTY25 for HerHampshire readers – Enjoy!