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    How Lockdown has effected the way we feel about our Job

    How Lockdown has effected the way we feel about our Job

    A lot has changed in the last 12 months and perhaps, so have we.

    We asked 6 Hampshire women with very different careers how covid restrictions have effected their feelings about their jobs. And it’s a mixed result.


    jobs in covid…..

    Bridal Boutique Owner

    “Working in the bridal industry has always been a hard, bitchy life. Other shop owners can be catty; I know we all want to sell, but there is just no need for it. But the pandemic seems to have brought us all together, in a wonderfully supportive way.

    ………..I have always had a positive outlook on my industry; ‘next year will always be better’, but this year I know next year really will be better and I cannot wait to be able to open again and get back to doing what I love.”

    Food Retail Worker

    “In the beginning, we were seen as the unsung heroes and now that seems to been forgotten by most.

    ………Since this pandemic has started I have been shouted out, argued with, sworn at and called names. I work with people who have even been spat at. It’s made me want to rethink my chosen career path.”

    A Childminder

    “I’m a childminder and have been fortunate to be able to work throughout.

    ……….The pandemic helped me to find my confidence again and remind myself why I chose this job. I love working for myself and working to my own ethos and values.

    ……….When I first began childminding, everything was about the children and what they needed each day. That’s what I have gone back to. Rather than rushing us around to groups, outings, meetups. Pre covid I was running around here, there and everywhere.

    ……….I’ve slowed right down and spent my days playing and enjoying the childrens’ company. This time has helped me to prioritise and realign my business with my values.”


    jobs in covid


    A Head Teacher

    “I’ve never worked harder.

    ………..My school has been open throughout as all of our pupils are vulnerable. Teaching has always been an entirely exhausting career, I knew that going into it. But I’ve seen so many people at breaking point who are just about holding it together.

    ………… I’ve had the strongest teachers breakdown in my office – then ten minutes later, smiling to their class to try and protect the emotional and educational wellbeing of the children.

    ……….I am immensely proud of my team and everyone working tirelessly for the children in this country, but I’m sad about how people seem to perceive us and our attitudes.”

    A Social Worker

    “All of the emotions have been felt. It’s hard to put into words.

    ……….I’m proud of my job and what we try to do but I feel sad/angry/annoyed that this pandemic has highlighted the divide between health and social care. Sadly, policy and legislation are no closer to closing the gap. I feel social care gets bad press when ultimately, we do our job to help people. We’re governed by the government.”

    A Visual Merchandiser

    After the first lockdown, I left my job designing retail window displays to turn my focus on where I can help people.

    ……….For me, that is through movement and mindfulness; I teach yoga and pilates online and have created a community through my classes. Now finally, I’m launching my own wellness brand.

    ………. I am so excited about the future.”