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    How To Improve Your Sleep

    How To Improve Your Sleep

    To mark World Sleep Day on the 19th March, HER asked Dr Seth J. Gillihan, Head of Therapy of Self-Care app, Bloom for his top tips on how to improve our sleep. Starting from tonight!

    Sleep doesn’t come through effort. It arrives on its own when we provide the right conditions. None of those conditions requires a lot of effort, and they’re actually more simple than you might think.


    black woman asleep on bed


    Choose a standard bedtime and wake-up time.

    These times are based on careful records of an individual’s sleep and aim to match the time spent in bed to the average amount of sleep a person is actually getting.

    When we go to bed and get up at about the same time each day, our bodies and brains learn to expect sleep at the appropriate time.

    Stick to the sleep schedule regardless of how you sleep each night.

    This instruction is crucial to interrupt counterproductive efforts to regain lost sleep.

    If you had a bad night’s sleep and still get up on time, you’re actually increasing your chances of sleeping well the next night.

    Generally, avoid naps during the day.

    Time spent awake is an investment in good sleep.

    Skipping the nap makes it more likely that you’ll be ready to sleep come night-time.

    Get out of bed if you’re not falling asleep quickly.

    As soon as you know sleep is not imminent or you start to worry that you’re not falling asleep, get out of bed—and return only when sleep is likely.

    Over time we can relearn that “Bed = Sleep,” rather than “Bed = Place-to-Worry-About-Sleep.”

    Avoid “sleep aids” that hurt in the long run.

    External agents like alcohol knock us unconscious without providing high-quality sleep. Part of the beauty of CBT-I is that it relies on your body’s own ability to generate sound, restorative sleep, without having to ingest any chemicals.

    The best-tested treatments for insomnia rest on those simple principles. So offer yourself the right conditions, and release the outcome. (A subscription to Bloom Premium costs £13.99 a month)



    HER’s Sleep Inducing Tips


    Wind Down

    With the help of a calming Olivia’s Haven scented candle (RRP £27).

    Creating a tranquil atmosphere throughout the evening can immediately bring a sense of serenity to your mood and set you up for your bedtime routine.

    sleep - Olivia's Haven Candle

    Create a Conscious Skincare Ritual

    Nailing an evening skincare ritual can get you in the right frame of mind for sleep.

    Let it be an experience you really enjoy and don’t forget to try some gentle massage, which not only helps you slip into a sleepy slumber but really helps you to get in tune with your breathing.

    The new FUARAÌN Super Active Moisture Cream (RRP £48) with Deeside Mineral Water (could it be purer, if it’s from Scotland?!) is our go-to product not only as a hydrating moisturiser, but the perfect product to accompany a bit of evening effleurage.

    Furain ProductBedtime Recap

    Before you turn off the light, write down three things that went well today.

    Make sure to include the role you played in why they went well. Allow these good things to fill your mind as you drift off to sleep.


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