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    In Conversation with …Sulky Doll Stylist

    In Conversation with... Sulky Doll Stylist

    This week, Winchester Woman Wednesday leads us to Winchester’s very own stylist to the stars, Donna McCulloch, aka – Sulky Doll Stylist. From Oscar award winners and comedians, to radio hosts and Strictly Come Dancing professionals; Donna has clocked up a substantial client rap sheet.

    I caught up with Donna last week after London Fashion Week to talk about life’s higher plan, where she turns to for inspiration, and what’s cooking at her next Style workshop.

    Sulky Doll Stylist in front of pink door
    We know you’re originally from Liverpool, but made the leap from London to Winchester about ten years ago; how did you make the leap from local girl to celebrity stylist?

    After I’d had my children in my mid-thirties, I retrained in fashion & just worked really, really hard. I do think being older was a help rather than a hindrance as I brought a level of life experience and maturity to each job. People just assumed I was more experienced as a Stylist than I was because of this. I did some free work initially but couldn’t sustain this with a family so just kept taking the smaller paid jobs until more and more trickled in.

      “I think there’s a certain amount of luck involved in any journey but mine has mostly been a slog with a little bit of magic along the way. Timing is everything and the phrase “trust in the timing of your life” really resonates with me.”

    Donna McCulloch Sulky Doll Stylist

    Where did your styling brand, ‘Sulky Doll’ originate from?

    It was my nickname when I was younger and I wanted something memorable that a talking point and belonged to me so sulkydoll was born. It’s my alter ego, I get called Sulky on shoots.

    How would you describe your signature look?

    I like to look glam but with a little bit of edge so edgy glam is a good description.

    Where do you turn to for inspiration?

    I am mainly inspired by fashion from the 70s and I spend a lot of time of Pinterest finding looks I can update/recreate from it.

    This London Fashion Week, you could be found at Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief show… Can you tell us a little bit more about their work, why it’s important to you and what you got up to?

    Fashion For Relief is a non-profit charity organisation that collaborates with other charities and foundations to improve the lives of those living in adversity.

    ……….I believe you get out what you put in and we all need to do our bit. I do at least one charitable event a year & this one was too good to miss given I got to see the supermodel of my day, Naomi and to dress a couture look (McQueen) for the runway was a career highlight I won’t forget.

    “I believe you get out what you put in and we all need to do our bit.”

    Donna McCulloch Sulky Doll Stylist

    From celebrity stars to local ladies, congratulations on your second round of sell-out Find Your Style Workshops here in Winchester! What can those attending expect from the day and what everyone wants to know is, will there be more?

    So the good news is yes, I am running a day event on the 7th of October and an evening session on the 13th of November. I try to keep these very intimate so have a maximum of 12 on a workshop.

    ……….I talk about the basics, such as dressing for your body shape and colouring, explore the psychology of style, why we dress as we do and talk about how important image is in our day to day lives.

    ……….It’s always a really inspiring day and you get a yummy Ivy meal too so it’s a win-win, I hope to see you at the next one!

    You can see what Donna has been up to on Instagram here