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    Keep Your Pre-Schooler Busy and You, Sane in Lockdown

    Keep Your Pre-Schooler Busy and You, Sane in Lockdown

    If, like many, you have pre-schoolers at home at the moment, it’s hard going to keep them entertained and active day in, day out. 

    (Don’t even get us started on the insane amount of snack requests. Where can they possibly be putting them?!) 

    If you’re trying to juggle work too, chances are by this point, patience and inspiration is drying up. Fast.

    We asked Daisy Harris-Reid aka @Mum_abouttown to tell HER readers how she keeps 3 year old Hugo busy and learning during these tough times. 


    Pre-schooler in Mums arms


    A Nature Hunt

    This is an easy-peasy way to incorporate fun into your daily walk during lockdown! Simply scribble a selection of colours on a piece of paper and try to find things to match these shades on your walk!

    Brown? Crunchy fallen leaves!
    Red? Run to that postbox!
    Gray? Let’s find a feather!

    Or you could even try doing a ‘tick list’ of things for your little ones to find on your stroll. Such a simple idea, yet so enjoyable for all the family.


    pre-schooler colour matching


    A Gruffalo day

    One of my 3-year-olds’ absolute favourite books is ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson. There are lots of amazing Julia Donaldson resources online including free printable’s too!

    It’s such a fun theme for pre-schoolers, yet it provides a whole range of educational resources for them too.

    From an ‘owl sandwich’ and ‘Gruffalo tusk fruit skewers’ for lunch, to ‘looking at different animals footprints’, to ‘going o a Gruffalo Hunt in the woods’ there is such a great selection of activities you can do!


    owl sandwich


    Use fun resources & objects

    It’s amazing how little things around the house can help your little one learn important skills like numeracy and the alphabet! One thing Hugo likes to do is to sort his Duplo blocks into colours. It helps kids learn about differentiating shades & how to spell those colours too!

    Another idea is to use yummy treats to learn about counting. Buy some sweeties or a selection of your little one’s favourite treats and help them divide those snacks into number groups. It makes the task in hand much more fun.

    Also, how about a hunt for toys beginning with a different letter around the house? It helps pre-schoolers kick-start their understanding of phonics in an enjoyable, exciting way – plus it’s using the toys/belongings they love too!



    Springtime arts and crafts

    With spring approaching simply forage for petals, fresh grass cuttings, daisies, you name it – and draw/paint around your child’s hands & feet.

    Glue on your spring finds and some straws for stems & voila! You have yourself a beautiful spring bouquet. So easy to do but so enjoyable!


    Make mealtimes fun

    Anyone with fussy eaters out there might like to try this one!

    There are so many fun ways to make lunch enjoyable for your little ones. I don’t know about you, but I’d be much more interested in eating my lunch if it looked amazing!

    Try an animal-shaped sandwich, caterpillar fruit skewers, bunny/bear pancakes using fruit; fairy wands using breadsticks, melted chocolate & sprinkles or even a spot of afternoon tea with they teddy collection, your little one will be delighted.


    preschooler animal fruit skewers


    @Mum_abouttown recommends the best of the best when it came to places, products and play ideas for pre schoolers! You can follow her here.


    If you need more inspiration for the kids during lockdown, here’s some idea’s on how to better engage them with nature as well as where to get out and explore with them in Hampshire.