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    New Beginnings – Divorce the better Way

    New Beginnings - Divorce the better Way

    You’re separating.

    You’ve just said it… out loud. Coming to this realisation may have been the hardest decision of your life, or a decision that someone else has made for you.


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    For so many, this is when fear, anxiety and dread set in. The endless list of things to be uncertain about starts to cause sleepless nights and constant worry. What will you tell the children? How will you co-parent without falling out? Will it affect the kids at school? How will you gain your self-confidence back? It’s overwhelming, unknown and unsettling.

    It’s not a nice statistic to think about, but with 42% of marriages ending in divorce, you really are not alone.

    This is not a defeat. This is not failure … It’s a new beginning.

    Having practised family law for many years, the Trethowans’ Team realised that something was missing when it came to dealing with separation in a holistic way. Not content with simply offering financial advice and sage legal counsel, they decided that more must be offered to support parents and children through the process.

    That’s where New Beginnings came in…

    On the 18th September at Hotel Du Vin in Winchester, Trethowans Family Law will be hosting a morning workshop to help support families as they navigate separation.

    Juliet Mayhew, Emma Wilders-Pratt, Emilie Holland Trethowans Solicitors Winchester

    The Trethowans Family Law Team, Winchester.
    Juliet Mayhew, Emma Wilders-Pratt and Emilie Holland.

    Trethowans’ Partner Juliet Mayhew said:

    “New Beginnings is designed for parents who are contemplating separation. The focus is on improving self esteem, developing coping strategies and providing help to support children to share their emotions. Ultimately, with the help of trained professionals, the workshop provides practical tools for developing an effective co-parenting relationship post-separation.

     At Trethowans, we are acutely aware that the legal and financial arrangements are not the only elements to consider following the breakdown of a relationship. What is just as important is how clients and their children are coping emotionally. This is why at Trethowans, we work closely with a number of experts who we refer our clients to, that can offer therapeutic support and guidance where necessary to ensure that each client receives the full package of support.”

    In the first session Ashley Palmer (Family Law Consultant, Accredited Child Inclusive Family Mediator and psychotherapist) will coach parents on the tools they need in order to communicate and emotionally support their children. Ashley will advise on tried and tested co-parenting techniques and workable strategies to enable children to express themselves during a difficult time.

    Nikki Emerton (Master Practitioner of NLP, hypnotherapist and life coach) will then lead parents through ways in which to deal with anxiety, depression and low self-confidence. Lara Lauder (personal stylist) will coach on empowerment, expressing your inner voice and taking care of your outward wellbeing.

    By the end of this morning workshop, you’ll leave with the tools, confidence and self-belief to take on this new challenge in a way that’s manageable for you and your children.

    To ensure that these sessions reach everyone who may need qualified advice and expert support, the workshop is being provided free of charge and includes a complimentary lunch.

    Simply email familyevents@trethowans.com or call 0800 303 0535 to register your interest.