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    Parties aren’t cancelled! How to Celebrate without Socialising

    Parties aren’t cancelled! How to Celebrate without Socialising


    Have you been finding it hard to celebrate recently?

    The winter weather, the homeschooling, simply having nowhere to go, it’s all a bit meh. We’re totally with you, but if ever there was a time when we needed the sparkle of a party, this is it.

    Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, births, a day ending in a y…there are plenty of occasions to mark, and even as we continue to power through lockdown, we still want to create celebrations to remember.

    We asked Kerrie Sleep of Hampshire-based Papier Party, for ideas on creating new traditions and redefining how we party.


    Papier Party - Celebrate in lockdown


    It’s been a while…where do you start?

    If the party mood is eluding you, start with a bit of nostalgia; what makes a birthday special for you?

    As a child, maybe it was that moment when everyone gathered around and sang just for you, as you leant in to blow the candles out before everyone tucked into your birthday cake. Maybe it was waking up and realising that it was your day, before rushing downstairs in your pyjamas to see the birthday banner hung carefully over the fireplace, brightly wrapped presents arranged neatly underneath. That anticipation of revealing the gifts and knowing that for the whole day every activity and meal choice was yours to make.

    As we get older birthdays tend to lose a little of that giddy excitement, and if we’re honest these days we’d probably chose an extra hour in bed over an early morning dash to open presents, but the joy of having a special day for yourself doesn’t go away.

    Think about it; that warm glow of appreciation for the thoughtful card from a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, a carefully chosen gift that is perfect for you, and messages of love from friends and family.

    The way we celebrate these moments may have changed for a while, but the emotion is still there. It’s about doing something special, making new memories that you can cherish, and coming away from your daily routine to make sure you create moments to remember.

    As we close in on a year living a pandemic, a huge number of us have been marking birthdays quietly at home and it’s important to make sure these days are still special. Even as we look forward to the prospect of seeing family and friends over the next few months, we still need the mental lift of a celebratory event or happy moment to spur us on.

    Even Kate Middleton has refused to let an occasion slip by unmarked. For her birthday in January, she celebrated at home with a family tea party organised by her three children. Super cute!


    Papier Party Animal themed celebration


    Ask your children to plan the party

    Children are a great motivation for finding ways to party; they see so much happiness in the smallest of things and it’s easy to get swept up in their excitement.

    Ask your children, nieces, nephews or friend’s children what they’d like for a party. Let them guide you!

    Don’t skimp on the decorations

    Even the simplest of arrangements can create a party atmosphere with minimal effort. Hang up a special banner, blow up a handful of balloons and plan some games.

    Dim the lights for a kitchen dance-off and open your favourite prosecco. Or sauvignon. Or gin. Then lay the table with napkins, plates, cups and a selection of all your favourite goodies and add your family – suddenly there’s a party in full swing!


    magic themed party celebration


    Create your own virtual party

    Zoom quizzes may have had their moment, but the ability to video call is still a great addition to your at-home party. Sing songs, watch your dad blow out some candles for his birthday, set people challenges within their homes. Anything goes if it brings a bit of fun to the occasion.

    What we’re trying to say is simple; parties aren’t quite the same right now, but while we wait out the last few weeks and months of restrictions they certainly aren’t cancelled.

    Whether you’re planning a party in your home or something special for loved ones you can’t visit, you can still create a celebration that is fun, exciting and memorable for all the right reasons. Cheers!

    Find out how Papier Party can make your celebration extra special on their website, or follow them on Instagram