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    Sarah Bacchus

    Sarah Bacchus

    We were really pleased when Sarah agreed to feature as one of our Winchester Women; she has an array of talents’ under her belt (Makeup Artist, Photographer, Nail Technician – to name a few) all of which promote and celebrate the importance a woman’s self love and confidence; which is a tough feat for a lot of us in the pressures of todays society. In this weeks interview, Sarah shares her secrets to positive self image, as well as sharing the very personal story that inspired her to turn Sarah Bacchus in to a brand that would help every woman she has the pleasure of meeting, view themselves from a completely different perspective.

    Sarah Bacchus

    What was your inspiration behind setting up Sarah Bacchus – The Brand?

    I have always been compelled to help others feel incredible. It’s the single most rewarding thing to do, no matter what line of work you are in. I’m fortunate I get to help all sorts of ladies realise they are beautiful everyday! And if I don’t see them in person, I try to help them within the pages of my blog. Brand Bacchus has been building for many years; I have over 30 years of training within the styling and beauty industry and I just wanted to acquire all the skills to help others shine.
    It was a series of things and events that give me the real drive to build up my business. I had been running a successful photography company, working as a stylist, running teams backstage at fashion weeks, and also providing my beauty and nail services to celebrities and magazines. I then got very sick (I’m actually lucky to be alive) as I had a huge tumour a few years ago and was given the odds of 20% chance of getting through my operation without needing treatment afterwards. So when I was told my rather large 1.3Kg lump was benign, it was like I had a second chance at life and saying ‘sod it, I’m going for it.’ I want to help as many women feel positive, alive and beautiful as possible. Moving back to Winchester last year provided the opportunity to combine all of these things under one roof and offer incredible empowering services to the ladies of Hampshire. And I’m so happy to be home!

    Which women inspire you?

    All women inspire me on some level as I can visualise a version of them infront of me that they have within themselves. To have the chance to do something so simple like doing someones makeup for an event, doing a set of nails that they are in love with, creating the perfect eyebrows for a client and it totally lifts their appearance, their mood and makes them look fresh and youthful once more is so heartwarming. To hear what they say about themselves afterwards is so inspiring. This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!!
    I love Linda Rodin. She’s an icon in her own right and she’s over 70! She rocks any look, has a quirky style and is so fantastic. I’d be honoured to photograph her one day. Even to sit and have a cuppa with her would be such a pleasure. I want to be her when I reach 70!
    I also adore the likes of fellow photographers. Annie Leibovitz is one who I see as a kindred spirit. Her work is on another level. She has photographed many celebrities in a way that inspires me daily.

    How important to you is empowering other women?

    Oh gosh it’s vital. Everyday I feel I have a true connection with helping others. To help another woman see she’s truly amazing and beautiful in her own unique way; creating photographs after a styling session and makeover is just simply the best job. It can be really emotional, but it comes with a great deal of happiness and when someone hugs you so tight and says they never thought they could ever look or feel that good, it is seriously humbling.

    Sarah Bacchus

    What steps do you think women can take themselves to feel more self confident?

    Start by believing that they are worth investing in themselves. All too often I see ladies that have just lost their way; they have forgotten how to look at themselves with love. Or they are riddled with self loathing due to hating their bodies. That’s just unacceptable as we all are wonderful. We all have a genetic body shape, which is what many women don’t understand, – it’s got a lot to answer for and plays a huge part in how we can get caught up in an unhealthy cycle of self hate. My advice to all women I work with, is to accept the natural flaws your mothers genes gave you and learn the basic styling rules for looking and feeling good. The truth is, those ‘flaws’ are never as important as one persons self perception, which is what can cause a huge overshadow of someones real inner beauty. I try to help with that as much as I can, and I share loads of secrets on my blog, even while I’m doing nails or when I’m sharing posts on social media.

    Sarah Bacchus

    What are your top 5 desert island Beauty Products to swear by?

    Water, healthy lifestyle, cutting out all toxins and every ounce of stress. Failing that:
    1. A good nighttime skin oil, I love RMS at the moment (sold in Space NK) as it drenches the skin and really helps the skin renew itself at night time.
    2. A cream blusher, preferably a nice fresh peachy or healthy pink shade and Kevin Aucoin’s products are mind blowing. They also can be used on the lips as a tint! As can RMS products! Both ranges are fantastic.
    3. Sunscreen for all year round! This has to be top of my list as I’m 46 and I really take care of my skin. Protect all the time and you will thank me in years to come!
    4. I’d have my lashes LVL’d so they would be tinted and lifted, I would also have done my HD brow treatment so the only other eye product I would take would be the Rimmel Scandalise black waterproof liner pencil as its the best! I have used every expensive one on the market and nothing compares to Rimmel’s
    5. The last one would have to be a good hair treatment like Olaplex. My hair is my thing and it needs care!

    What are your favourite things about living in Winchester?

    Everything! I love it here and never want to leave! We lived in London for 2 years until last year and I missed Winchester so much. My friends, the shops….(If you know me and follow me on social media or the blog) you will know I love Sass & Edge! I love the architecture, the people and the pace of life. It suits me far more than London ever did or ever could again.

    What are your goals for the rest of year ahead?

    To settle back into Winchester fully and help as many women feel wonderful as possible! To also keep adding content to my Youtube as I feel this is a brilliant way of helping others who can’t get to see me in person, and to write a beauty and style book. It’s in the pipeline so I just need a little push I think to get the writing and images finished!
    You can learn more about Sarah over on Sarahbacchus.com or on her Social Media Channels @ Sarah_bacchus