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    Sisterhood: How our own self esteem plays a role in whether we choose to support other Women

    Sisterhood: How our own self esteem plays a role in whether we choose to support other Women

    It is said that in as much as women are meant to be equal to men, one woman might not wholeheartedly support the success of another.

    We can at times be a little (cough, cough) catty. Women have a tendency to be jealous and competitive with each other, even if it’s in secret. I remember the day my best friend told me she was setting up her own business. She was also relocating and preparing to become a Mother for the first time. She gave up the 9 till’ 5 grind to launch her own Wedding Stationary Design Studio. I wanted her to do well, of course, but my own selfish feelings about my lack of aspiration and motivation at the time over shadowed that, and I am embarrassed to say I remember feeling hugely envious and more than a tad resentful that I didn’t have the balls to do the same.

    With Social Media taking over our lives these days, we have the technology to connect and compare ourselves with total strangers. I am a self confessed Insta addict; its caused an unhealthy obsession with toddler fashion and I regularly experience Front Door Envy from Shanice in … Ontario. #HouseGoals #IHaveThisThingWithDoors. Her matte duck egg blue door with brushed-chrome knocker and its immaculate veranda surround, is so so perfect, it is practically the one from The Notebook. It gets right up my tits. (Instagram also evidently has a lot to answer for, including playing havoc with our sanity, more on that in another post!)

    When women find it hard to support other women, it tends to only ever be about our own self esteem. Personal comparison is about nothing more than our own insecurities – but its important to point out that insecurity is also what makes us human. (Why the fuck don’t I have a sodding veranda?) But it most certainly does NOT have anything to do with the badass Queen in front of us – who may too be fighting a battle we know nothing about, taking on a huge personal challenge, campaigning for something important to them, or setting up their own business and absolutely slaying it.
    The truth is, this isn’t a competition. Praise and support is productive, as when we encourage and support each other it becomes contagious and others pay it forward, thus increasing our own self confidence. We all have something unique to bring to the table and if we have the right perception of other women’s successes, it can lead to our own inspiration and might just be what we need to motivate ourselves in our ideas, goals and personal endeavours.

    Here’s my top tips on how you can support our fellow Sistas in a bid to start paying good vibes forward to make sure reap what we sew:

    Join a Network of Women 

    The fabulous Women Who Do for example, offer amazing opportunities to meet, support and share ideas with incredible like minded women in a comfortable space and equal surroundings.

    Celebrate each other!
    Praise great ideas and decisions made by your friends and others looking for support. Support them openly and publicly.

    Say yes to collaborative partnerships!
    Chances are you’ll balance each others strengths and weaknesses perfectly.

    Like something? Shout about it!
    Im off to DM Shanice about her knocker….
    But most importantly ladies, recognising ability and talent in other women AND in ourselves is the key to building strength and confidence, chasing our dreams and supporting our awesome gender. And hopefully, whilst doing so, we might just make the world a kinder place. One amazing woman at a time.
    Sisterhood: How our own self esteem plays a role in whether we choose to support other Women