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    Spice up your Life – In your Home!

    Spice up your Life - In your Home!

    If like me you’re an avid reader of all things interiors, then you may just be aware of the fact that the Dulux and Pantone colours of the year for 2019 will be embracing enough spice to rival the local curry house AND The Spice Girls put together (most definitely no complaints here, just two of my guilty pleasures).

    I thought I’d give you the low down on Dulux’s 2019 ‘Spiced Honey’, and exactly how you can use it to add some contemporary richness to your own homes …

    An amber-toned neutral, the Dulux colour for 2019 is a far cry from this year’s Heart Wood, with its lavender undertones.

    Focussing on the underlying messages in society of a shift towards kindness, action, purpose and positivity for next year, this shade is a perfectly heady mix of warmth and sophistication.

    Now, brown based colours aren’t my usual go-to, but this is a shade that is so full of versatility and understated style that it just oozes cool, and I’m totally down with that.

    So, how can you use it at home?

    • Mix it with other warm tones for a relaxing haven, full of comfort and warmth. – Try blush or ochre for a calming vibe.

    • Prefer a less feminine look? – Combine it with charcoal grey or black for an edgier, more graphic feel.

    • As 2019 will most certainly be all about the spice, why not go all out and pair it with zingy colours such as auburn, turmeric or paprika?

    • It’s definitely a neutral that can be combined with stronger colours for a retro feel, so if that’s your thing, pops of pillar box red or slate blue would create an energetic space.So, my overall take on it? – In a world where grey has been the reigning neutral for many years, I think it’s so refreshing to see that another colour has come to the fore.


    Will it stay? Whilst I’m not sure that it has the longevity that grey has had (mainly because there’ve been so many different adaptable shades), the versatility of Spiced Honey means it has the flexibility to suit other palettes for seasons and years to come.

    Happy home styling! x