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    Stephanie Powell

    Stephanie Powell

    To kick start our Winchester Woman Wednesday Series, we have the absolute pleasure to introduce you to the fabulous Stephanie Powell; content creator, young female entrepreneur and Director of BTW Creative. From the moment we met Stephanie, we loved her. She’s bright, vivacious, and a hot head for shockingly brilliant ideas. She oozes energy and passion, and is a great inspiration for all women who have a dream to work for themselves, but haven’t yet felt brave enough to take that giant plunge in to the unknown!

    What inspired you to start up BTW Creative?

    Working in an office has never suited me. I found lessons at school too long, lectures at university too stifling and the 7:30am-5:30pm graduate life too draining. My imagination would run wild and I realised that I needed an outlet for that. Being freelance means I can choose how and where I want to work, and with whom!

    What’s the best & worst business decisions you’ve made?

    My best decision is my anti-negativity policy – which extends into my personal life. I keep an imaginary pair of very sharp scissors in my mind; as soon as I find something is having a negative impact on my life or my happiness, I cut it out and don’t look back.
    My worst business decision is believing it’s possible for me to be everything within my own business. I’ve learnt over the past year that delegation and outsourcing isn’t a failure, but a sign of progression.

    What motivates you?

    My other half and I have dreams of building our own Grand Designs home and living a sustainable and organic life – none of which comes cheap! If I ever feel like I need a boost, I just spend few minutes thinking about the future I want for myself and my future family.

    Which women have inspired you?

    Far too many to name! Primarily, my Oma (German grandmother). She’s lived through unspeakable horrors, but she’s never caved and remains the most nurturing woman I’ve ever known. My dad has worked in the Navy and shipping all his life, he’s introduced me to some pretty incredible women who haven’t let a gender deficit effect their career trajectory. I’m continually inspired by the awesome women I’ve met through Winchester-based networking events.

    Stephanie Powell


    What would be your most important piece of advice for other female entrepreneurs?

    There’s a strange conflict, in my opinion, the higher up in the world women go. I’ve found that so many women who’ve ‘made it’ are unwilling to share their seat at the table. Hold on to your female friends and business colleagues and demand a bigger table for ALL OF US!

    What mindset has helped make you successful?

    Zero tolerance for negativity and a hundred percent belief that I deserve to be in any room I decide to put myself in.

    Stephanie Powell


    And finally, we’d love to know! What’s your spirit animal?

    A platypus. When I was a Rainbow leader, I let the girls pick my leader name, but it had to be Australian (like me.) They picked a Platypus. I like it because actually, you can’t choose your own spirit animal. Just like you can’t describe yourself as well as someone else can. Probably the predicament a lot of people get in to when they try to describe a Platypus.