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    Summers Top 5 Trending Cocktails

    he Top 5 Trending Cocktails for Summer

    The summer solstice has landed and we are full speed ahead into Summer 2021 – even if the weather wants us to think otherwise.

    And that begs the question: what are we doing to evoke joy, sunshine, the great outdoors, long patio conversions, and the kind of simple revelry that’s specific to the season?

    Not enough, when we’re stuck in a pandemic.

    So we checked out exactly what should be dominating our happy hours when we researched the latest trending summer cocktails – and the results are in, people.

    For those who want to avoid those long bar queues, or are planning a summer of garden parties galore – Here’s what you’ll need to make 2021’s top 5 trending cocktails yourself at home.



    White Russian

    A White Russian may sound intimidating, but it’s a fun, easy cocktail to make and enjoy with friends. This cocktail combines vodka, Kahlúa (a coffee flavoured liqueur) and cream. Serving you boozy ice-coffee realness. The Bottle Club recommends following this recipe to re-create this trending cocktail at home:

    2 oz. vodka
    (we recommend Beluga Noble Russian Plain Vodka, which has very light hints of honey, alongside oat and milk thistle)
    1 oz. Kahlúa
    One-two cocktail jiggers of heavy whipping cream* (depending on how creamy your preference dictates!) – swap coconut cream for anybody following a plant-based diet.



    Moscow Mule

    Did you know the Moscow mule actually derives from America? The cocktail was created by a bar manager and a Smirnoff exec who wanted to sell vodka to Americans looking for the newest and tastiest drink around.

    We have them both to thank for this, and Moscow Mules may be one of the easiest cocktails to make, so a great option for beginners. A simple mix of vodka, ginger beer and lime over ice – you really can’t go wrong with this classic. A great way to show off mixology skills to friends (we won’t tell them how easy they are to make if you don’t!)

    2 oz. vodka – we recommend Thunder Rhubarb & Ginger Vodka for an extra kick and boost of flavour
    2 oz. ginger beer
    Juice of half a fresh lime (can also use to decorate)


    . ……


    You may or may not have heard of a Gimlet before – this zesty cocktail is a great option for gin lovers, and large groups with a diverse range of drink preferences (whether you prefer something zesty or sweet, this cocktail is easily changeable depending on individuals inclination). Fancy making this cocktail at home?

    2oz. Of gin (Whitley Neill Limited Edition Brazilian Lime Gin for that extra zesty flavour is a great shout)
    Lime cordial
    Fresh lime (half for squeezing, half for garnish)
    Prefer your drinks a little sweeter? Add half a teaspoon of sugar to the drink or rim of your glass



    This cocktail is in many ways similar to a Margarita – the main difference being the alcohol base is cachaçaca (a distilled spirit from Brazil made from sugar cane juice) instead of tequila. This cocktail has a sweet and fruity taste, and if you want to impress a first date with an exotic creation, this may just be the option for you:

    The Bottle Club recommends trying out this recipe for a raspberry twist.

    6 to 8 fresh raspberries, plus more for garnish
    1 dash freshly squeezed lime juice
    1 teaspoon sugar




    A tequila-based cocktail with a grapefruit flavouring, this zesty drink is great for a sophisticated date, or day drinking with friends.

    As one of the most anticipated cocktails of the summer – no doubt due to how photogenic it is – this is a drink truly worthy of gracing the ‘gram. If you want to make it for yourself, you’ll need:

    2 oz. tequila
    2 oz. grapefruit juice
    2 oz. soda/sparkling water
    ½ lime for juice
    A splash of agave syrup

    Optional: Grapefruit wedge for decoration, alternatively can use a slice of lime.

    Some also like to add a sweet or salty rim – use grapefruit juice to wet the top on the glass and then dip in either sugar/salt depending on your preference.

    2 ounces cachaça

    Here’s the tied and tested recipe from Love and Lemons


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