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    The alternative Sunday Roast

    The alternative Sunday Roast

    I love a Sunday roast, doesn’t everyone, especially when the weather is colder and the nights are dark, it just makes you feel all warm and cosy inside. I love the fact that you can spend the afternoon prepping a roast, whilst relaxing at home in front of the fire reading a good book.

    Poitrine du Porc (Pork Belly) – Serves 4 (3hrs cooking)

    Poitrine du Porc

    When I lived in the alps I used to make this version of a roastie every week, it was such a hit with my clients that all returning guests requested it. Over the years I have tweaked and tweaked the recipe to the ultimate final result. I have cooked this so many times I have lost count, but, it always works and tastes just delicious.

    Poitrine du Porc (Pork Belly) – Serves 4 (3hrs cooking)

    1kg pork belly with skin – no bone
    ½ bunch of thyme roughly chopped
    ½ bunch of rosemary roughly chopped
    ½ head of garlic, cloves peeled and crushed
    75ml olive oil
    ½ bottle of white wine
    Salt and pepper for seasoning.

    For the sauce:

    175ml chicken stock
    Cornflour for thickening

    Heat the oven to 220c or to its highest setting. Places the herbs, garlic and olive oil
    in a heavy duty food processor and puree them roughly.

    Place the pork belly in an oven tray, skin-side down and using your hands spread
    the herb mixture evenly all over the meat, pressing it on so it sticks to the meat.

    Turn the belly skin-side up, wipe the skin totally dry with kitchen paper and then
    sprinkle with sea salt evenly all over the skin (don’t put too much on as it might
    create a crust and prevent the crackling forming).

    Pop the tray in the oven and roast for 1 hour. Once the skin has formed some
    crackling, turn the oven down to 170c, pour the white wine into the tray (avoiding
    the pork skin) and continue roasting for another hour. If the belly starts to turn
    black, cover with foil.

    For the last cooking stage, turn the oven down to 110c and continue roasting for the
    final hour, until the skin has crackled completely and thoroughly dried.
    Remove the pork from the oven and rest on a chopping board. Skim the excess fat
    from the baking tray, then add the chicken stock to taste and the cornflour to

    Take the crackling off the pork and divide, portion your pork.

    Just writing this recipe has got my taste buds going, serve this meal with mashed
    potato, or for a more decadent dinner why not cook up some fondant potatoes, my
    personal favourite. I always serve with plenty of seasonal greens plus a glass of red or white