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    The Beauty Spotlight: Secret Garden Aesthetics Winchester

    The Beauty Spotlight: Secret Garden Aesthetics Winchester

    In October, I met with the wonderful and unbelievably radiant (of course!) Sharron Gordon, founder of The Secret Garden Aesthetics clinic which relaunched early in 2019.

    Sharron has a medical background and works as a consultant pharmacist for the NHS and did most of her aesthetics training on Harley Street. With a real passion for aesthetic skincare, only those treatments that are safe and with sound clinical evidence and effective results makes it through the door.

    Whether it’s a specific condition like acne, pigmentation or scarring, wrinkles or skin health, The Secret Garden Clinic is here to help.

    I’ll be honest, it’s a rare occasion I have the time to sit back, relax and feel pampered. I’m often running from one location to the next but I can honestly say, I did just that whilst at Sharron’s clinic, surrounded by the stunning Hampshire countryside and after the treatment my skin was smooth and radiant.

    The Secret Garden has built up a client following both in Hampshire and further afield; clients travel far and wide (one from as far as Cornwall!) to have Sharron work her magic on them and I was keen to find out why.

    Sharron Gordon The Secret Graden Clinic

    It used to be that if someone wanted to look 10 years younger, they would take themselves off to a clinic for cosmetic surgery with risk of significant post-op downtime, resulting in time off work and spending months in hiding to recover.

    This new approach, something gradual, yet effective – the “light touch” treatment, provides a more natural result and is now becoming mainstream. And it makes sense.

    After all, who wants to be asked what they’ve had ‘done’ across the dinner table?

     How did you find yourself here?

     A real combination of factors came into play. I’ve always had a keen interest in both skincare and aesthetics and, had several aesthetic treatments and not always got the experience or more importantly a result that I thought was good enough.

              My career in the NHS was high pressure and I spent a lot of time away from home. My skin was tired and heavily pigmented (part of my Asian heritage) and I was horrified at products that were being sold to help, which would never do what was needed because of the lack of active product. My business became my method of improving education and the application of science to skincare.

    It has allowed me to slowly step away from some of my  NHS work…. and the added bonus, my pigmentation has almost gone!!

     You’ve recently relaunched as Secret Garden Aesthetics, tell us your concept and what encouraged you to do this?

     It’s so important to me that people that come to the clinic feel nurtured and cared for, outside of the treatments. My NHS roles never allowed this because appointments were tight and patient throughput was rapid. 

              My previous brand was very medical and came as I started down my aesthetics path. I’m really clear now about providing a focus on skincare and maintaining my clinical credentials whilst providing a unique environment which maintains its clinical integrity but remains a far cry from the stereotypical clinic environment.  I think the new branding reflects that.

     What would you say is your signature treatment?

    I’m always playing around with what’s the best bespoke facial and honestly – it depends on what the client enjoys and if any downtime is realistic! 

             I have a big personal love of Dermaplaning but mix this up with a red-carpet peel and perhaps have your lips lasered at the same time and you will be GLOWING!

     What are the common concerns your clients have?

     Always the biggest concern is will it hurt!! Let me reassure you, very few of my treatments hurt.

             There is sometimes a sensation, but we discuss this fully and I talk through each treatment both before and during treatments, so there are no surprises.

    What do you feel is unique about your offering at Secret Garden Aesthetics?

     It’s a combination of the wide variety of treatments that we can offer from laser skin treatments to prescription-only care, mixed up with my expertise and passion.

             I believe that I am the only pharmacist specialising in skincare locally.  Our clinical environment is unique; not many clinics look across the South Downs with uninterrupted views but with all the same regulation and approval as any other clinic. There is also ample free parking. So all-in-all a stress-free experience! 

    The Secret Garden Clinic

    What do you wish people knew about what you do?

             That often, simple tweaks to existing skincare programs (using medical-grade products) can work wonders if you have the confidence to be consistent with them. It’s all about knowing how to pick the best ingredients for you and how to use them, even if that requires me to write a prescription occasionally

    What does the future hold for Secret Garden Aesthetics?

    Many treatments previously funded by the NHS are no longer offered by the NHS.  We will be partnering with GP colleagues to support the NHS by offering patients alternative skincare pathways and professional support.

    The key thing to note about non-invasive treatments is that they simply make you feel the very best version of yourself, making you feel good in your skin. It is clear that this is what Sharron loves to achieve with her work:  A red-carpet-worthy facial that gives you that instant glow before your special occasion or event. That kind of look you get from having slept for 24 hours solid or having been holidaying in the Caribbean for a week.

    The Secret Garden believes that everyone is an individual, bridging the gap between the efficacy of a medical clinic and the exclusivity of a luxury spa, providing a tailored approach to clients’ individual needs. You’ll find only the most effective treatments and products – those that have been tried and tested to produce visible and truly glowing results.