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    The Benefits of weight training that no one told you About

    The Benefits of weight training that no one told you About

    Is lifting weights right for me? Is it going to make look too bulky and muscular? 

    These are the questions that I get asked a lot! Lifting weights has so many benefits for your body: it helps you to lose fat faster, build muscle quicker, boost mood and improve sleep. Once you’ve given weights a try, I promise you’ll want to start incorporating this into your exercise program! 

    I am a self-confessed cardio queen, I LOVE running and competing in triathlons! Give me a charity cycle ride or hilly half-marathon – I’m there! 

    Before I became a certified personal trainer, I was incredibly naïve when it came to weights. I thought that if I started to weight train, I’d bulk up too much and then this would have a negative impact on my running and training overall. How wrong I was! Little did I know that weight training would improve all aspects of my physicality. 

    So, why do I love weight training? Here are some of the incresible benefits that it will give you:


    woman weight lifting HerHampshire


    Muscle, Bone & Joint Health

    Bone Density – One of the best ways to control loss of bone mass, the bones adapt with weight training, making them stronger.

    Muscle – Increased muscle strength, power, endurance and size. You’ll quickly notice that daily tasks like lifting and carrying will seem much easier.

    Joints – You’ll find, as you gain strength, that  joints and muscles work more in harmony together. Therefore, it will increase flexibility, stamina, balance and help to protect you against injury.

    Mental Health

    Weight lifting can reduce the symptoms of depression – more studies have been done on aerobic (cardio) exercise than anaerobic (weights), but as one study reports  – there is little difference between the two in terms of how well they relieve symptoms of depression.

    Prevents age related Scarpenia

    This is a loss of muscle mass, strength and flexibility which usually happens after the age of 40. You are never too old to start weight training and protecting your muscle mass for longer. Weight lifting will help with balance and posture, promoting a better quality of life into old age.


    women legs exercising


    Blood sugar control

    Weight lifting can help to regulate blood glucose. Researches report that weight training encourages the growth of white muscles, which actually aid in lowering blood glucose.

    Better quality of life

    Weightlifting improves mental health, muscle tone and body composition. It gives you confidence, but it improves your overall health and makes you a much happier person in general!

    If you’re just starting out with weight lifting, it’s really important that you get your technique and form right, as this could cause injury. Therefore, if you attend a local gym, make sure a staff member writes you a program – or you get a personal trainer to help you.

    Much love