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    The Best Facial Gadgets

    The Best Facial Gadgets

    Who here doesn’t love a gadget?!

    Us girls love a gadget as much as the boys and today, I am here to chat about the latest at-home skincare gadgets which promise to lift, firm and give a glow.

    But which ones are worth the spend this Christmas?


    facial gadgets


    Now before I go any further, can I say that none of these devices will replace a visit to a facialist or a cosmetic doctor – but, what I will say is that they will become a regular feature in our beauty arsenal as they are perfect for a little bit of “maintenance” in between professional appointments and will give a boost when you are having a bit of a “meh” skin day.

    I have tried a few of the top sellers and most popular ones over the last few weeks and here, dear reader, is my findings.


    Current body LED mask

    This award-winning mask will have you looking like an extra from Dr Who for the 10 minutes it takes for the LEDs to work their magic.

    This flexible mask is made of silicone and so easy to store, clean and use.

    It combines 2 types of red led lights. First, the red light stimulates the production of new collagen, which slows down as we age, so it helps to calm redness and creates an even skin tone. The second, is the near-infrared light which works below the skin surface, deep into the skin layers working to improve circulation, blood flow and boosts oxygen to the skin cells. Leaving skin looking younger and fresher.

    You need to use the mask 3-5 times a week in the first 4 weeks and then top up with regular maintenance sessions – (it claims to reduce wrinkles by 35%). In 4 weeks – so far, I have found a definite improvement in my skin texture and tone, so hopefully, the wrinkles will also follow!

    The High

    My skin feels brighter and clearer after a couple of weeks of use.

    The Low

    It’s not the most comfortable to wear, particularly around the nose area and I am not sure if I can keep my eyes open or closed when wearing the mask, it doesn’t say! So keeping them shut for now to be sure ….

    https://www.currentbody.com/products/currentbody-skin-led-light-therapy-mask £280

    facial gadgets

    Foreo –  UFO 2

    Award winning Swedish skincare brand Foreo stands for “for everyone” and I have been dying to try their UFO 2 device, dubbed the “hand held spa”.

    Since they launched, I was particularly intrigued by the myriad of different LED lights it boasts.

    I was also excited that it can speed up the masking process considerably. That’s right – no more lounging around for 20mins with some gopping drippy wet mask on your face, zip zap – slot in a mask and this one is done in under 2 minutes! You also get quite the LED light show together with heat and T sonic power which improves circulation.

    The device links to the app on your phone so you can set your program and choose the LED light that works for you. I stuck with the green LED light on my pigmentation patches and white everywhere else (good for depuffing and wellbeing) .

    The High

    This is speed masking at it’s best I loved the coconut and the rose masks – great for hydration and glow.

    The Low

    If you like luxuriating with a mask this isn’t for you. It can also take a while to master the different options on the app.


    Foreo UFO 2

    Foreo – Luna

    I was an early adopter of the Clarisonic, but it can be a tad abrasive for those with sensitive skins. Enter the Luna.

    Like the UFO, the Luna links to your phone via the Foreo app – and has cleansing cycles to suit all. It can also be used with any cleanser. I have just treated myself to the Amazon advent calendar that has the mini version behind one of its doors!

    The High

    Easy to use, easy to clean – you can run it under the tap

    The Low

    It is very gentle so those who like something more abrasive, this isn’t for you.


    Foreo Luna


    So the Bear wasn’t on my shopping list but my oh my, what a revelation it was!

    A nifty little microcurrent device whose playful exterior belies its efficacy. Combining facial toning, lifting and T sonic massage, you can connect it to your phone for bespoke treatments.

    It’s portable, brightly coloured and super effective it promises to reduce sagging, improve the facial contours (super important in midlife) reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 2 minutes!

    As with the Nuface, you need to use a conducting gel with it, but with this little guy there are 5 different levels. My advice is, start low and build up as the sensation takes a bit of getting used to.

    The High

    The results are great, I love to feel that something is truly working my skin felt tighter (in a lifted and toned way)

    The Low

    If you aren’t used to using microcurrents this one packs a punch – start low and build up.


    Foreo Bear facial gadget


    I have had my Nuface device for several years and use it regularly.

    It’s a microcurrent device so you need to use a conductive gel with it so that the current can pass through into the skin. There are 3 levels of current intensity, so you can gradually build up as you go. This type of device is great to lift and firm the contours of the face and with regular use, so you really can see a difference in the tone of your skin.

    It also has a handy inbuilt timer, so you just run through the sequence quicky and easily.

    The High

    This is a lovely product that works well. It’s a great introduction d for those starting out on their microcurrent journey.

    The Low

    There are smaller devices now available that also have higher intensity


    Nuface facial gadget


    How I use my at-home devices

    I like to use a couple of devices in combination at the end of the day.

    Maybe the LED mask, followed by a micro current device or the UFO masking device followed by the microcurrent device and let my skin rest overnight. You need to use these devices for a certain amount of time to notice a difference and I really cherish my little pocket of facial Me time!


    And the winner is…

    If I had to pick one of the devices above it would be the BEAR, without a doubt.

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