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    The Colour Comeback!

    The Colour Comeback!

    Big news for the colour and texture fanatics among us; It’s been bubbling away in the background for a while, but 2019 so far seems to be the year that we’re seeing a massive increase in mixing colour, texture and prints to create more of a thrown together interior look. If you like this type of scheme and want some for your own space, the key element really is to try and give the room an ‘under designed’ look. So an effortless feel whereby nothing really matches, yet with an undulating ‘grounding’ of colour, is the way to do this.

    So what the heck does this mean?

    As a very simplified general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to use elements with the same tone, three times in a room. Yep, it’s the good old rule of thirds coming in to play again. This is usually enough to make an interior space hang together.

    For those who are fond of a more cohesive look, you’ll be wanting to use more than three items. – The more your use of a repeat colour, the more ‘matched’ the space will look.

    I’m a huge believer in creating your own interior colour palettes, and this year is most certainly the year to get creative with colour. There are lots of rich, earthy tones around, including muddy greens, navies that are taking on a slate hue, and deep spicy shades too. If you like being inspired by the trends and want to inject some modernity into your home pronto, here are some of my favourite 2019 palettes that I’ve noticed doing the rounds …

    Memories at dusk palette

    Image by Fi Campos

    A soft palette of neutrals, with a romantic edge. I think these colours would look so gorgeous styled up in a bedroom.

    Natural Wonder Colour palette

    Image by Fi Campos

    Combining various green shades and tints is a huge trend out there right now. Varying degrees of green traditionally work well in kitchens, though there’s no reason why they can’t be used in other spaces too.

    Images by Fi Campos

    Featuring Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, this 70’s Luxe warm palette is so versatile and could look fabulous in any room! The Concrete and Rust give this scheme a graphic edge.

    A hint of Spice palette

    Image by Fi Campos

    Featuring Mustard, an alternative to Dulux’s Spiced Honey and Pantone’s Living Coral, this look is a little more modern eclectic, and could be a bold addition to a relaxed living space.

    tranquil flow colour palette

    Image by Fi Campos

    Combining grey-blues in various shades, as well as deep gold highlights, this palette would be well suited to a bathroom, or even a sophisticated dining space.

    Whatever palette you choose for your interior scheme this year, just make sure that you have fun with it. – There’s always room for more colour in my book, but if you’re feeling a little unconfident with large expanses of colour such as on walls, then just opt for bold accessories to pack a punch through your décor. – Quick win, and easy on the wallet too!

    Happy Styling! x