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    The Most Popular Garden Renovation Trends This Year

    The Most Popular Garden Renovation Trends This Year

    Whether it’s building your own bar, or growing fruit and veg, people have been making the most of their gardens in the last year or so.

    For a while, they felt like our only access to the outside world.

    With the anticipation of restrictions finally being lifted and a predicted scorching heatwave – it’s safe to say that garden parties and BBQ’s are back on.

    The design team at Essential Living has taken a look at some of the UK’s biggest garden trends, so you can sit back and enjoy your summer garden set-up.


    Outdoor Decking


    Decking is the perfect way to add depth to your garden, and can be relatively easy and cheap to do too!

    The additional space made with wood, or composite decking is perfect for hosting garden parties or BBQ’s – making room for new patio furniture, plants and outdoor kitchens and grills.

    ‘Outdoor Decking’ saw a jump of 233% on Google, between March and April this year – with more and more people realising the benefits and versatility of it.

    Adding a deck to your garden is also seen as one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home, and adds value to your property!


    Outdoor garden decking


    Patio Heaters


    The UK weather is undeniably unpredictable, and even on the warmest of days, it can get a little chilly during the later hours – with people spending more and more time in their gardens, it’s no surprise searches for ‘Patio Heaters’ saw a rise of 525% over the course of the last year.

    Relatively small, portable, easy to assemble and a long-term investment – patio heaters are the perfect way to ensure your summer BBQs can carry on long into the night.

    They are also great for later in the year, providing plenty of warmth if you want to look up at the stars on those dry, but cold, winter months.



    Garden Egg Chair


    Anyone who has been renovating their garden this year knows that egg chairs are all the rage at the minute – supermarket Aldi saw over 80,000 people in a virtual queue to purchase their restocked rattan egg chair earlier this year.

    Searches for ‘Garden Egg Chair’ on Google skyrocketed by almost 421% between February and March 2021, loved by adults and kids alike – the chair is a perfect garden addition for a cosy spot after eating one-too-many burgers from the BBQ or relaxing with a good book in the summer sun.



    Pizza Ovens

    There’s only one thing better than a greasy, takeaway pizza – and that’s an authentic, stonebaked, Italian pizza – people seemed to realise that in March and April of this year, as Google searches for ‘Pizza Ovens’ rose by 132%.

    Whilst portable pizza ovens might not give you the same quality as a restaurant tucked away on the back streets of Naples, they’re pretty affordable as a long term investment (retailing for roughly around £250) and provide the perfect alternative to BBQ and grill food.


    outdoor pizza oven


    Outdoor Kitchens


    For some of us, BBQ’s and grills aren’t cutting it – searches for ‘Outdoor Kitchens’ rose 733% in March 2021 as we found even more ways to utilise our garden when it felt like the only freedom we had.

    Outdoor kitchens usually consist of a larger grill, plenty of preparation space, shelves and even sinks, or stone-built pizza ovens!

    There are plenty of benefits to outdoor kitchens – including not only adding value to your home but also providing extra living space, and the opportunity to cook whatever you want whilst keeping unpleasant or lingering smells out the house.


    outdoor kitchen