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    The Truth Behind The Myth About Opals

    The Truth Behind The Myth About Opals

    Did you know that opals are the birthstone for October and the zodiac sign Libra?

    They’re also the dedicated gemstone to mark a 14th Wedding anniversary.

    Are you a fan of opals? Or have you heard they’re unlucky?

    I am here to imbue you with nothing but love for these most magical of gems…


    So, the history part.

    The opal is an ancient gem and so much so, the Egyptians believed opals were gifts that fell from the sky when lightning struck, – having magical properties as a result.

    However, opals fell from favour in Victorian times when Queen Victoria, a style icon of her age, wore an opal brooch to fasten her dress at her Coronation. Much to her horror, the dress came undone. As such, they got in a bit of a bad rep after that.

    It seems a bit harsh to me that the opal got the blame when it was maybe just that the clasp was a bit dodge and not up to the job. Alas, out of favour they fell, and spectacularly so. And so to this day, these beautiful stones have been considered unlucky ever since.

    If you want my opinion, I still think the clasp was dodgy on Vicky’s gown and I LOVE opals. They are, by some margin, my favourite stone. They are like little pieces of lightning and in the gem world, they are in high demand officially hawt right now.

    So, for your eyes only…I’ve done a wee round up of my favourite Opal pieces.


    Sulky’s Opal Picks


    Birthstone Heaven

    This mesmerising Opal charm from one of my favourite jewellery designers in the world, is an absolute beaut and the perfect gift for an October birthday guy or gal …

    …. (or THE BEST 14th wedding anniversary gift.)

    birthstone opal

    Unique Earings

    Next up, I defy anyone to not love these pretty as a picture pink opal earrings from Harfi .

    And they also have a matching ring and bracelet, thank me later!

    Opal Earrings

    Ethiopian Opals

    Another fave designer of mine is the fabulous Rosie Odette. These Ethiopian Opal earrings are simply divine…


    Ethiopian Opals


    The Investment Opal

    Last but by no means least, this investment piece from Alice Van Cal can be worn 4 ways and is to die for…


    Investment Opal