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    This Girl Talks Money

    This Girl Talks Money

    Hi hi, GirlBosses in the making! 

    ……….It’s good to be back – and under a new name! New brand for Her Magazine and a new surname for me. Speaking of new beginnings… a lot of us has had to do some shuffling during 2020. Maybe it’s work arrangements, switching up how we do business, re-educating ourselves, or getting a better grip on our finances.

    Introducing – This Girl Talks Money.

    ……….Ellie’s a millennial money coach, content writer and community founder. A qualified lawyer turned marketer, Ellie spends her days educating young women on their finances and helping fintech businesses to develop growth strategies. She’s been featured in HuffPost and Refinery29. She’s kind of a powerhouse, if you ask me.

    I caught up with her to ask… wtf do we do about money?

    This Girl Talks Money

    Hey Ellie – so we hear you’re pretty good with money? Tell us a bit about what you do and what This Girl Talks Money is all about? 

    Hello! I’m the founder of This Girl Talks Money, a financial coaching and education business and online platform. Why money? Well, bored of the same old financial information written by old white men, I started This Girl Talks Money in 2019 to tackle the last taboo: money. Whether you have a little or a lot, my aim at TGTM is to teach women all the things about adulting that school forgot.

    What are your 3 biggest tips for women who want to take control of their feelings around money?

    Understand your money story – work out why you feel how you do about money.

    Remember knowledge is power – this applies to your finances too.

    Open up and start talking about money.

    What is your own money history? How did you find yourself dishing the dirt on our bank accounts?

    I didn’t grow up particularly good with money! Through university, I spent money like it was going out of fashion and had zero management skills, other than working out how little money I could spend on a big night out.

    ……….One week, my mum signed me up to Money Saving Expert (the most valuable money website in the UK) and slowly, I started to pay attention to the weekly emails appearing in my inbox. Eventually, I took an active interest and taught myself everything from credit to borrowing and beyond, yet couldn’t shake the feeling that this critical information was so far off the radar for most twenty-somethings. 

    This Girl Talks Money typing

    We love your Instagram! What do you mean when you talk about making money ‘work for us’? 

    Making money work for you is about maximising what you’ve got. There’s so much talk about hustling and spending time making more money, which just doesn’t work for everyone. I encourage people to look at what they already have and work out how they can make that existing money produce more for them.

    *Bells a-ringing!* Word on the street is… you’re getting married!! How does a money coach handle wedding budgeting? Got any tips for us?

    Yes I am! Although 2020 has pushed the wedding back a year, I’m excited to dig deeper into the finances of the wedding and help break down what can be an overwhelming prospect.

    ……….My main tip is prioritisation – unless you’re on an unlimited budget, there will be things which have to take priority over others. These weddings are expensive! Together, work out what your main priorities are and where you can be flexible – it might be venue, wedding size, time of year – it’s a matter of personal preference and there’s no ‘right’ way to do it. Do your research too and don’t rush into expensive decisions. 

    This Girl Talks Money

    Understand your money story

    – work out why you feel how you do about money.

    You’re a lady in demand right now! Where else can we hear from you?

    In between coaching clients and running programmes to help ladies to level up their finances, you can usually find me over on Instagram (@thisgirltalksmoney). If podcasts are your thing, I’ve featured on a number of business-focused podcasts including Starting the Conversation by Alice Benham, as well as Winging It by Lucy Hitchcock, talking about all things money and business. You can also read my content on Restless Magazine!

    With everything that’s going on in the world right now, what money or mindset advice would you give to women in business?

    What a crazy world we’re living in, right? My number one piece of advice to all women in business right now is focus on what you can control financially.

    ……….Take the time to really understand the numbers behind your business and know what is coming in and going out. If you have an accountant or bookkeeper, ask them questions and really get to grips with the key pieces of financial information you need to know. When we’re out of control of so many things in the world, focusing on what we can control is a positive and uplifting thing.

    Ok, so who’s feeling slightly better about the fact they didn’t know very much at all about their finances? *puts hand up*.

    Thanks to Ellie, so many more women are grabbing their bank accounts by the horns! No more taboo, ladies – it’s time to talk MONEY!


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