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    Tips and Tricks for conquering the post-Christmas Clutter

    Tips and Tricks for conquering the post-Christmas Clutter

    It’s January, the decs are down and you’re thinking about sorting the house out post-festivities, but in all honesty, the thought of working out where to start with the tidying at the end of a tiring work day has you reaching for the wine …

    Sound familiar?

    All is not lost. There are some great hacks and tricks around that are easy to implement and cost-effective.

    Here’s my round up of top tips on how to help keep the clutter at bay and get those rooms refreshed for 2019 …

    Be Ruthless

    When clearing out cupboards and drawers, have three piles: Keep, Recycle, Charity. Each item you pick up must fit into one of these categories. (To be a ‘keeper’, you need to have used it in the last year). Oh, and recycle means take it out of the house to a recycling plant, NOT repurposing it in your home to create yet more clutter. (Unless it’s making some fabulous new storage, of course).

    Crack One Thing At a Time

    This could be just one cupboard of a room, or one room in its entirety. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the contents you might find, and be realistic with what you think you can achieve; the aim is to feel as though you’ve achieved your goal.

    Just Once a Day

    Just dedicating 20 minutes a day to sorting and tidying can work wonders for your mental health. Ironically, this just so happens to be half of the average episode length of The Mighty Foof too… How wonderfully convenient! In all seriousness though, there is lots of evidence to show that when a space is tidy, so are our minds and we are then better able to concentrate on the things that matter.

    Peg It Up!

    Hang jewellery, scarves and other accessories on a peg board. Paint it in a fabulous colour, and you’ve saved yourself from entangled bling.


    In space-saving whizzes such as storage beds for the kids and clever midsleepers where all of their stuff is stashed underneath. (Well, that’s the dream, anyway).

    Climb The Walls

    Literally. Shelving is your best friend. When researching shelving, look for pieces that complement the rest of your interior scheme, and that are deep enough and wide enough to store what you need them to! Staggering shelves on a wall at different heights also helps create impact and a focal point in a room.

    Add a Storage Drawer

    By adding a pull out drawer under regular beds, you’re simply utilising space that’s otherwise wasted. Plus, it looks so much neater to the eye!

    Use The Ceiling

    Hanging fresh foods like fruit and veg from the ceiling in gorgeous baskets can not only look stylish, but also are huge space savers for tiny kitchens!

    Give Everything a Home

    Part of the reason we accumulate clutter, particularly on flat surfaces, is sometimes because we’ve never given certain items a proper ‘home’ in the first place. So make space for the things that matter, and remove the need for having to decide where to put it all.

    Change Your Thinking

    You might have the most amazing idea for a gorgeous ‘adults only’ bar or loving space, but if the reality is that you compromise on family living space (and toy storage) to get it, then it may be a good idea to rethink how your rooms are used. Practicality is key. How do you live? Working out the percentage of time you spend (or would like to spend) in each room will give you a measure on how important that room’s function is to you.

    I could go on, but I reckon 10 tips is more than enough to be getting on with! Got any other fabulous hacks and tricks for conquering the clutter? Drop us a line!