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    Too Busy to Exercise? How to Maximise Time

    Too Busy to Exercise? How to Maximise Time

    Want to know the most common excuse for not working out? You guessed it – “I’m too busy!”

    And the sad thing is, it’s not completely untrue. Our day-to-day lifestyles can be a high-speed, juggling act between work, friends and family commitments. And that’s not even considering the ‘me time’ we are all told to squeeze in amongst the chaos. So, it’s not surprising that our health and fitness regime often takes a hit.

    Too busy to exercise

    Here are some tips to making a habit out of your fitness routine so that it holds a permanent place in your diary:

    Set Goals

    I know, I know, we’ve heard the importance of goal setting a million times, but it’s true. Short term goals are great for a quick motivation boost, but it’s the long-term goals that really develop a routine.

    In the short term, you may want to get fit for a summer holiday, and you may get results, but do they last into the next year or have you sacrificed the food and drink you love for a brutal, unsustainable diet and workout regime?

    Instead, consider how you apply your long-term fitness goals. To really make a lasting change, and stick to a routine, you need to find an activity that you actually enjoy, that fits around your existing and that leaves you with the positive endorphins pumping rather than exhaustion.

    Commit to It

    It takes about 21 days to form a habit, so at the very least try and commit to your fitness plan for a month, making sure to celebrate every small win along the way. Start small, planning a reasonable amount of activity each week. Be careful not to unrealistically commit, saying you are going to work out every day may be setting yourself up for a fall.

    Aim for five days maximum and be sure to treat recovery days as importantly as training days.

    Become a planner, scheduling workouts in advance, ideally with others, to help ensure you don’t drop out and most importantly – stay consistent!

    Own your Time

    Are you a night owl or an early bird? Everyone finds their boost in energy at different times of the day. Choose your time wisely to suit when you feel most motivated. Some like to get it done and dusted first thing so they can relax or socialise in the evening, others nip out for a quick midday workout to split up their working day and some like the evening sessions to work off the day. Find what feels right for you and own it.

    Owning time for women too busy to exercise

    Seize the Day

    Opportunities for added activity come in hidden fitness forms every day, it’s just a matter of acting on them. We don’t all have the luxury of standing desks at work but there are small changes we can make all the time that will add up.

    Take the stairs not the escalators, walk around the block at lunchtime, pace the room when you are on the phone, suggest meetings on the move, walk to the shops instead of driving… the list is endless. Being more active in small ways through the day can make a big difference.

    Ask an Expert

    If you are serious about making a change, but unsure about where to start, it may be time to invest a little. Sure, there is some great, very accessible content out there on social media but to make a lasting change you may need the face-to-face approach.

    Find a local Personal Trainer, gym facility or group exercise studio that appeals to the kind of activity you genuinely enjoy. Always try a taster session before you register so that you can get a feel for the workout, intensity and atmosphere of the individual, class or the gym.


    Keep a Track

    We can all get side-tracked when it comes to checking in on our results. But don’t be your own worst enemy. Regardless of appearance or numbers on a scale, never disregard the fact that your fitness routine is aiding your overall physical and mental health, improving your sleep and reducing your stress levels.

    Keep a track of your results and don’t let it all be about a dress size or number on the scales. It’s about how you feel! Let that be the motivator moving you forwards.

    Exercising with Friends


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