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    What can 30-somethings Learn from Women in their 50s?

    What can 30-somethings learn from women in their 50s?


    I often wish there was a way to know which life choices will ultimately go on to be right or wrong.

    The gift of hindsight is impossible, of course. However, I have got the next best thing, some sage advice from women who’ve been there and done it.


    Over 50's Advice


    What I’ve learned from women in their 50s

    Women in their 50s are a force to be reckoned with. They know themselves and their worth. This is something I recently discovered after several conversations with local women at this age.

    It started with me wondering what a 55-year-old Carrie Bradshaw might be up to in the SATC reboot. Before long, my research led me to some inspiring and uplifting truths about life at 50+. From the joys of lifelong friendships to financial security and deeper connections with your partner, there’s a lot to like.

    So, I had to ask, what advice would these wise women give their 30-something-year-old selves? As a slightly lost 30-something myself, I was keen to absorb anything to help navigate the next few years.

    Here is a selection of the anonymous answers I received. From the light-hearted lessons to the straight-talking advice, there’s something to take away from all of them.

    Wellbeing wisdom

    “Stop sleeping in your make up and invest in skincare NOW. You need sunblock and regular facials.”

    “Get some counselling, forgive yourself and value yourself more.”

    “Take care of your health now, live in the moment, count your blessings and keep laughing.”

    Real talk and relationships

    “Stop stressing about meeting someone.”

    “You don’t need to be liked by everyone. You can’t please everyone so stop trying to!”

    “Drink less and be kinder to friends who you really value.”

    “There is no question that, when the chips are down, you will definitely find out who your best friends are.”

    Lessons in self-worth

    “You are so much better than you think.”

    “A lot can be achieved through hard work, determination, good communication, honesty and laughter.”

    “Believe in yourself and your skills.”

    “You really are capable of more than you know. You’ve got an inkling that your idea might be successful, follow that feeling, work hard and go for it.”



    Embracing the adventure

    “Know that although life is going to throw you some hideous stuff, you’re going to have the most awesome adventures with incredible friends and family.”

    I don’t know about you – but quite a few of these comments really hit home.

    From struggling to believe in my own abilities to failing to live in the moment (and sleeping in my make up), there’s a lot I could learn.

    The guiding principles seem to be to trust your instincts and not to be too hard on yourself. While it isn’t exactly like looking into a crystal ball and seeing my future, this advice does offer some comfort.

    I’m finding that my 30s are a time of mixed feelings and not knowing where I fit. I’m no longer young and carefree but not quite older and wiser yet either. This uncertainty frequently leads to me questioning myself. Can anyone else relate?

    What would a 50-year-old do?

    From now on, I’m going to do my best to live by the quotes above. Next time I’m drowning in self-doubt or bending over backwards to please someone, I’ll try and think what would my 50-year-old self have to say.

    I think she’d tell me to have faith in myself and work on accepting what I can’t change (and maybe to book in a facial or two now that the beauty salons are open).