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    Why Galentines trumps Valentines

    Why Galentines trumps Valentines

    It’s the 14th of February. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s a certain level of anticipation that brews around this particular holiday.

    Is it ok to spend Valentine’s day alone?

    Am I wrong to hate everyone who’s coupled up this time of year?

    WTF am I supposed to get him/her and is a sex toy really an acceptable gift? (yeah Love Honey, we see you upping your ad-spend boo)

    WELL FEAR NO MORE! Galentine’s day doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care whether a rampant rabbit is your idea of a great gift and it couldn’t give two hoots about your relationship status.

    Galentine’s day is for the girls!

    Galentines Day

    What is Galentine’s Day?

    Of course, this cheeky little holiday originated across the pond. Like all chocolate fuelled festivals, our US cousins have us covered. Sitcom Parks and Recreation coined the term (in episode 16, series 2 to be precise) and it’s stuck ever since.

    Leading lady, Leslie Knope brings together a group of gal pals on February 13th, encouraging them to love and celebrate each other. Nawwww.

    Why we love Galentine’s day

    We like giving flowers too! Sure it’s great when your partner gifts you a bunch of roses (as long as it’s not because he ‘accidentally’ ate your last bar of PMT chocolate), but we’d like to be the givers once in a while. And who could possibly appreciate a bunch of roses more than your beloved bestie?

    It’s not about sex. No shaving pressure, no fixating on your Tinder profile for weeks in advance and no questioning whether a G-string really is worth the chaffing. Galentine’s day is all about a big old hug and telling your girls why you couldn’t live without them.

    You don’t have to fight for a table booking. There’s no pressure! What do a bunch of old girlfriends do best anyway? Sit around in our slobbies, eating pizza, drinking prosecco and putting the world to rights. Well, have-at-it ladies!

    We don’t love on our GF’s enough. As life throws its many woes and wobbles at us, we lean on our bezzies without a second thought – and vice versa. But, unlike our significant others, we never tell our ladies just how much they mean to us. Come childbirth and divorces, breakdowns and break-ups, they’re unquestioning there for us.

    How to celebrate Galentine’s day

    Grab a gal-pal, book a spa, go for coffee, grab a cocktail, plan a slumber party – whatever you like! A GNO (girl-night-out… duh!) or cosy night in, it doesn’t matter to St. Galentine! As long as you’re getting emosh over a bottle of Echo Falls, you’re good.

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